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Meet the Staff

Residence Life and Housing is proud of its outstanding staff members, who have been chosen to support and meet the on-campus needs of UD students. Our department provides students with opportunities to enrich their experiences and develop skills as leaders and global citizens. Please take the time to get to know us, and let us know if you have any questions.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to contact us by calling (302) 831-HOME (4663) or by emailing us at


Kathleen Kerr

Associate Vice President for Student Life, Executive Director for Residence Life & Housing

(302) 831-4663

Meet Kathleen

Jim Tweedy


(302) 831-4663

Meet Jim

Michele Kane

Sr. Associate Director for Assignments and Business Services

(302) 831-4663

Meet Michele

Karen Demonte

Sr. Housing Systems and Data Analyst

(302) 831-4663

Meet Karen

Ivet Ziegelbauer Tweedy

Sr. Associate Director for Selection, Professional Development and Assessment

(302) 831-2815

Meet Ivet

Christina King

Associate Director for Student Engagement and Assessment

(302) 831-0699

Meet Christina

Katie Morrison

Associate Director for Student and Community Advocacy

(302) 831-4663

Meet Katie

Danielle Sgalippi

Business Manager

(302) 831-4663

Meet Danielle

Dillon Kimmel

Assistant Director

(302) 831-4407

Meet Dillon

Kristin Rolnick

Assistant Director for Housing Systems and Assignments

(302) 831-4663

Meet Kristin

Niki Reagan

Communications Specialist II

(302) 831-7498

Meet Niki

Justin Bruchey

Coordinator of Student & Community Advocacy

(302) 831-0415

Meet Justin

Adam Helgeson

Student Engagement Coordinator

(302) 831-2180

Meet Adam

Ruthie Raile

Housing Assignments Coordinator

(302) 831-4663

Meet Ruthie

Office Staff

Aimée Giannetta

Customer Service Specialist

(302) 831-4663

Meet Aimée

Lisa Sorantino

Administrative Assistant

(302) 831-1741

Meet Lisa

Diana Vansant

Administrative Assistant

(302) 831-4663

Meet Diana

Danielle Whitaker

Administrative Assistant

(302) 831-4663

Meet Danielle

Linda Wooters

Administrative Assistant

(302) 831-4663

Meet Linda

Graduate Assistants

Meng Fan

Graduate Assistant

(302) 831-3741

Meet Meng

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