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Meet the Team

Residence Life and Housing is proud of its outstanding staff members, who have been chosen to support and meet the on-campus needs of UD students. Our department provides students with opportunities to enrich their experiences and develop skills as leaders and global citizens. Please take the time to get to know us, and let us know if you have any questions.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to contact us by calling (302) 831-HOME (4663) or by emailing us at

In-Hall Team Members

Adam Booher

Residence Hall Coordinator

(302) 831-4655

Meet Adam

Alexandra Garney

Residence Hall Coordinator
James Smith/ Thomas McKean

(302) 831-3171

Meet Alexandra

Bridget DuBrey

Residence Hall Coordinator
Independence East & West

(302) 831-7077

Meet Bridget

Cheri Skipworth

Complex Coordinator for George Read/ James Smith/ Thomas McKean

(302) 831-3001

Meet Cheri

Danielle Barefoot

Residence Hall Coordinator
Christiana East

(302) 831-3588

Meet Danielle

Jade Carcamo

Residence Hall Coordinator
Louis L. Redding, Floors 3-4-5

(302) 831-4692

Meet Jade

Jaishel Linch Bennett

Residence Hall Coordinator
Ray Street A-C

(302) 831-4311

Meet Jaishel

Jennifer Hormell

Residence Hall Coordinator
Brown/ Sypherd/ Sharp/ Harter

(302) 831-6808

Meet Jennifer

Jessica Cornwell

Complex Coordinator for Redding/ Gilbert

(302) 831-2023

Meet Jessica

Jordan Jackson

Residence Hall Coordinator
Eliphalet Gilbert & Louis L. Redding Floors 1-2

(302) 831-3528

Meet Jordan

Joe Bozzo

Residence Hall Coordinator
George Read

(302) 831-4790

Meet Joseph

Lauren Zahour

Residence Hall Coordinator
Christiana West Tower

(302) 831-3106

Meet Lauren

Lillie Wilson

Residence Hall Coordinator
Caesar Rodney/ Cannon/ New Castle

(302) 831-3002

Meet Lillie

Lyndsay Hepler

Residence Hall Coordinator
Harrington A-E

(302) 831-2417

Meet Lyndsay

Melissa Bader-HUESGEN

Residence Hall Coordinator
Warner/ Kent/ Sussex/ Squire

(302) 831-3003

Meet Melissa

Sean Watson

Complex Coordinator for Russell, Lane, Thompson, Smyth Complex

(302) 831-7079

Meet Sean

Stephen Lawrence

Residence Hall Coordinator
South Academy

(302) 831-0927

Meet Stephen

Tierra Fields

Complex Coordinator for South Academy/ Harrington

(302) 831-0929

Meet Tierra

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