Lauren Ellis

Lauren Ellis

Residence Hall Coordinator

(302) 831-4692

My Responsibilities

I inspire students to get involved, support them through their transition to college, cultivate an RA staff and challenge both my staff and students to make the most of their experience. My area is home to 13 RAs, 13 Munson Fellows and approximately 620 first-year students. I work diligently with my RA staff to create a memorable experience for our students and help the students bring their ideas to life within the residence halls. My goal for my students is to find at least one thing at UD that they are excited to be involved in by the end of their first year. Departmentally I work with RA Training/Selection, Advise Green Teams, sit on the Under-represented student rentention committee, oversee 3@UD, work with service teams, work with the Resident Assistant Internship and Leadership Exploration Program (RAILE) and more.

Where I Can Help

  • Navigate sticky roommate situations
  • Help you get involved in the residence hall community
  • Connect you to offices on campus
  • Help you get funding for floor events
  • Help you find opportunities to make the most of your time at UD

Educational Background

  • B.S., Human Services, Education & Public Policy, Leadership Minor, University of Delaware
  • M.Ed., Higher Education Administration

Arrival to UD


Previous Positions Held

  • Resident Assistant
  • Hall Director
  • Admissions Graduate Assistant

My Favorite Quote/Motto/Personal Philosophy

“Challenges are what make life interesting; Overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.” - Mark Twain