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PeopleSoft Grants Training


The items below will teach you how to add a new or update an existing proposal using UD's Peoplesoft system.

The links below have been updated for the PeopleSoft 9.1 client. If you don't see the updated documentation, please clear your browsers cache and cookies and try again.

A. Proposal

1.0 Proposal
2.0 Projects
3.0 Locations
4.0 Key Words
5.0 Resources
6.0 Budgets
7.0 Certifications
8.0 Reports
9.0 Attachments
10.0 Unsubmit a Proposal

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B. Proposal Budget

1.0 Budget Details

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C. Copy

1.0 Proposal
1.5 Proposal Version
2.0 Budget Period

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D. Proposal Approval

1.0 Pending Approval

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