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Begin Accepting Applications Date: 07/15/2017
Deadline Date (EST Time Zone): 11/20/2017 5:00 PM

The University of Delaware provides for assistance to full-time tenure track faculty for individual research and professional development through "General University Research (GUR) Grants". The main purpose of the GUR program is to assist untenured, tenure-track, early career faculty members with research, scholarly or creative projects. These merit-based grants are administered by the Vice President for Research, Scholarship and Innovation, who is advised by the Research Committee of the Faculty Senate. The Research Committee recommends allocation of the funds available foro the year, evaluates applications, and recommends those to be supported. GUR grants are awarded primarily in the arts, humanities and social sciences. Proposals involving interdisciplinary research are especially encouraged.

All full-time tenure track faculty members are eligible to apply for GUR grants.

Although there is no restriction on the number of awards an individual may receive over the years, all other factors being equal, preference will be given to faculty that have not received awards previously. An investigator will not be considered for a second or later award unless at least three years have elapsed since the most recent award. Applicants who have received a GUR anytime between June 2015 and June 2017 are NOT eligible to submit for this round. Also, in considering new applications from previous awardees, the committee will review the required final reports from their prior GUR awards to determine whether past awards were used productively to benefit the applicant's research programs. No additional awards will be made to applicants who have failed to complete the required project report for a GUR award made prior to June 2015.

Application Information:

The primary purpose of the research grant is to advance the scholarship or creative activities of the recipient. Research projects or creative activities that meet this goal and also provide graduate student support and training opportunities are considered most favorably. Proposals are reviewed on the following criteria:

  • Significance of the problem/quality of the idea
  • Adequacy of the research plan
  • Justification of resources/appropriateness of timeline
  • Promise of development/potential of outside funding
In evaluating proposals, the Faculty Senate Research Committee utilizes the following guidelines:
  1. The first priority of the GUR program is to assist untenured, tenure-track, early career faculty members with research, scholarly or creative projects.

  2. Special consideration will be given to projects which:
    • Are not sufficiently developed (in terms of the project or the reputation of the investigator) to justify support from outside sponsors, where appropriate.
    • Promises to expand scholarly endeavors and increase future productivity.
    • Would have difficulty in obtaining outside support (e.g., due to the small budget or specialized nature of the work).
    • Require additional support to complete an ongoing project.

  3. Requests for funds to cover fees to attend research institutes or other formal research or study programs will also be considered by the committee. Support will vary according to the length of the institute and the amount of financial aid available to the applicant from the sponsor of the institute.
General University Research grants are awarded on the basis of eligibility and merit and administered by the UD Research Office. Proposals are screened for eligibility by the university. Untenured tenure- track Assistant Professors are given priority over senior faculty projects. Evaluations of merit and award recommendations are made by the University’s Faculty Senate Research Committee. The college recommendations are shared with the committee and used to determine relevance to the field and overall quality. Final determination of awards is made by the Vice President for Research Scholarship and Innovation and is based on funding availability and notice of award.

The Research Committee consists of the Vice President for Research Scholarship and Innovation (or Research Office designee) and eight faculty members (one of whom serves as the chair). Membership to the committee is restricted to established and active researchers. Four members are chosen from the arts, humanities and social sciences and four from the natural sciences, engineering and mathematics.

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  • Please Note:
    The file size for each document uploaded should not exceed 10mb/upload. Time given is in Eastern Time Zone (EST).

    please contact Leigh Botner, Research Development Director, Research Office.

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