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Conflict of Interest


Involvement of faculty or professional staff with appropriate commercial enterprises is an important part of the transfer of knowledge and it is encouraged by the University to enhance both teaching and research programs. Association of faculty and professional staff with commercial enterprises should be such that it benefits all the parties involved including the University. All employees are expected to conduct their professional and personal duties with maximum integrity, and to avoid association with any activities that could diminish the effectiveness of their commitment to the University. It is the responsibility and obligation of faculty and professional staff to disclose all significant financial and commitment interests that may affect, or appear as if they could affect, their professional responsibilities.

University of Delaware's Research Policy 6-11 defines "a potential conflict of interest (COI) occurs when there is a divergence between an individual's private interests and his or her professional obligations such that an independent observer might reasonably question whether the individual's professional judgment, commitment, actions, or decisions could be influenced by considerations of personal gain, financial or otherwise.“

Conflict of Interest (COI) Disclosure and Management Procedures:

Faculty and professional staff must complete a new COI disclosure every year, even when they do not have any SFI to disclose. COI disclosures must be submitted, via web form, on an annual basis or within 30 days of any change to previous disclosures. Please click on the link below, and login using your UDNet ID and password. If the link does not take you directly to the form, look for "Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form" under the tab "Blanks".

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COI Management Procedures:

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