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Internal Selection Process — Researchers who are interested in submitting a proposal to any of the limited submissions are required to complete the two-step procedure before a white paper will be considered for internal review and selection. 


1. Email a white paper and one-two page vita or biosketch for the PI to by 5:00 p.m. on the internal deadline date. The subject line of the email should state the program number.

2. Have your Department. Administrator complete the four panels in PeopleSoft Grants - see instructions on how to complete the PeopleSoft Grants form for Limited Submission.

A confirmation notice will be forwarded upon receipt of your white paper.  If you do not receive a confirmation within 3 business days, please contact Leigh Botner.

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Funding Opportunities —
Limited Submission

A variety of sponsoring agencies offer research, career, scholar, or educational funding opportunities that limit the number of applications that can be submitted from a single institution.  To successfully increase funding opportunities available to the University of Delaware, an internal selection process has been established by the University of Delaware Research Office to assist with limited submission opportunities.

The Research Office makes every attempt to identify limited submission opportunities and provide information on limited submissions in a timely manner; however, if a researcher should identify a limited submission that is not in the opportunities list, please forward the announcement to:

For more information contact:
                   Leigh Botner
                   UD Research Office

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