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Transfer Credits for Newly Admitted Students -
Taken from International Institutions

The University of Delaware accepts transfer of credit from higher education, degree-granting institutions upon determination of their appropriate level and recognition by their ministries of education.

For transfer of courses taken before admission to UD, our policy is to accept each course that meets our general standards for transfer. This does not guarantee that all accepted courses will be useful in the student's intended degree program. Depending on course content and the nature of the particular UD program, courses accepted for transfer may function in specific requirements, or only as electives, or may not be applicable at all toward certain degrees.

Additional information about transfer policies may be found in the Undergraduate Programs section of the Catalog.

The Registrar's Office assists new students throughout the process of transferring their credit from institutions outside the United States. Students who have been admitted and submitted their official documentation should read the information on this page and contact the Registrar’s Office at if they have further questions.

Official Documentation

    The required documentation for coursework on the transcript of a non-U.S. institution is:
    • Official transcript (and certified literal English translation when necessary)
    • A course-by-course AACRAO / IES credential evaluation. Select University of Delaware from the dropdown menu.

      Required for all coursework on a non-U.S. institution’s transcript that was taken before entering UD. Credential evaluations by other companies are not accepted.
    • Official course syllabi or descriptions used by the institution (with certified literal English translations when necessary)
  • All documents are verified in the Registrar's Office before course transfer and evaluation may proceed.

Transcripts & Certified English Translations

Transcripts must be official and sent to UD in a secure manner. Secure, official transcripts, when submitted to our Admissions Office at the time of application, will be used by the Registrar's Office. Otherwise, transcripts submitted to the Registrar’s Office should be sent to:

Registrar-Transfer Credit
University of Delaware
210 S. College Avenue
Newark, DE 19716

If the transcript is issued to the student, it must be submitted to UD in its original sealed envelope. Transcripts that do not arrive in their original sealed envelopes are deemed unofficial.

If the external institution offers an electronic official transcript option, the student may request that the external institution send a password protected, official transcript directly to UD at the address Electronic transcripts forwarded from the student are deemed unofficial.

Reminder: Students who submit transcripts before the completion of their final semester at the previous institution must send another official transcript that includes their final grades for that semester.

Course Evaluation

Course evaluation is offered to newly admitted students and comprises two phases: Preliminary Evaluation and Departmental Re-evaluation. Please read the information and instructions below before beginning evaluation procedures.

  1. Preliminary Evaluation

    Preliminary Transfer Credit Evaluations are available online through Admissions-My Blue Hen Home for newly admitted freshmen and transfer students who submitted the required documents.

    In the Preliminary Evaluation, your transcript, AACRAO evaluation and course syllabi are reviewed to identify courses eligible for transfer and calculate credit conversions to UD's system, if necessary. Any UD equivalencies already known are posted at that time. The remaining courses are assigned elective credit designations until they can be assessed by UD departments. For example, courses may initially transfer to the University as:

    • a specific UD course (for example, MATH 115 Precalculus), or
    • as departmental elective credit (for example, MATH 166T Transfer Elective), or
    • as an elective unaffiliated with a specific department (UNIV 166T)
  2. Course Syllabi and Descriptions

    All course syllabi and description material must be the official material used by your former institution. The institution must be clearly identifiable on all documentation, and students are encouraged to provide institution website addresses and links, when available and in English, to facilitate the evaluation process.

    When syllabi or descriptions are not in English, they must be accompanied by certified literal translations. Translations done by your former institution or a professional translator are acceptable. Translations of course material by other sources might be permitted but must be approved in advance by the UD Registrar's Office.

    Course syllabi or other descriptive material may be submitted upon application or sent later upon receiving your offer of admission. Students are encouraged to send the material as soon as possible, to enable timely evaluation of their credit. All course syllabi must be submitted to the Registrar's Office for approval before course evaluation is permitted to take place.

  3. Departmental Re-evaluation

    Courses that received a preliminary evaluation of general elective credit, such as BISC 166T or UNIV 166T, may prove to be directly equivalent to a UD course if re-evaluated by the appropriate academic department.

    We recommend that you review UD course descriptions to determine whether UD has a similar course to the one you took. If there is no similar UD course, then the elective credit will remain and the course should not be submitted for re-evaluation. Make note of any UD courses that appear to be similar to your courses.

    Once your course syllabi and translations have been approved by the Registrar's Office, we will notify you to begin sending them to the departmental transfer contacts whose courses are similar to yours.

What should your course materials contain?

If UD has a similar course to the one(s) you took, submit the following information to the appropriate departmental contact for a re-evaluation:

  1. Name & UD ID number
  2. Previous institution attended and term in which you took the course (ex: Fall 2013)
  3. Web links to previous institution’s home page and academic course catalog (from the academic year your courses were taken), if links are accessible and in English
  4. Official course description or syllabi, approved by the Registrar's Office, containing:
    • Course number, title and number of credits (or whatever the school uses to identify the course.)
      If science lab/lectures are separated, provide information for both courses.
    • A thorough description of topics or areas covered in the course
    • Any additional information such as the number of class hours spent in lecture or laboratory activities, noteworthy assignments such as research papers, etc.

If approved for re-evaluation, the department faculty member will contact the Registrar's Office with the new course equivalency and we will update your record. Please check your student records periodically in UDSIS for updated evaluations. We also recommend that you meet with your academic advisor to determine how course equivalency changes apply to your degree program or impact your expected graduation date.