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Need a Fall 2016 Enrollment Verification?
The university will report official Fall 2016 enrollment in late August to the National Student Clearinghouse. On approximately August 25, fall enrollment will be listed on student Enrollment Verifications in UDSIS.

If you need something showing your anticipated fall 2016 enrollment prior to late August, you may send a copy of your unofficial transcript or your semester schedule, both accessible in UDSIS. When downloading the unofficial transcript PDF, be sure to allow pop-ups when prompted by your browser.

An Enrollment Verification may be requested by current students using UDSIS. This is a secure document that may be submitted to any and all insurance and loan companies.

  1. Login to your UDSIS Student Center and, under Academics, choose Enrollment Verification.
  2. You are directed to the *National Student Clearinghouse where you may choose either current enrollment or all enrollment and then print your Enrollment Verification.
    • If you choose current enrollment, your enrollment for the current term will be listed. If you are not enrolled for the current term your enrollment for the most recent term will be listed. Future terms are not listed on the enrollment verification form until after the current term is over.
    • If you choose all enrollment, all current and past enrollment will be listed.
  3. Other options, including Good Student Discount Certificates, student loan deferment notifications, specific information about your enrollment info on file, your student loans, etc. is also available on this site.
  4. If you are unable to log in to your UDSIS Student Center, you may go directly to the National Clearinghouse website; however, there is a fee imposed by the Clearinghouse.

*The National Student Clearinghouse is a non-profit organization, which provides educational reporting, verification and other services to colleges and universities throughout the U.S., including the University of Delaware. As the authorized legal representative of its participating schools, the Clearinghouse is considered a primary source for enrollment, degree and attendance data and confirms this data on behalf of its participating schools to requestors without additions or changes.

Degree Verification

For students that have graduated, the official transcript serves as the official document for verifying your degree and includes details about your academic history such as college, major, minor, concentration, specialization, as well as degree earned, courses grades, and GPA information. You can order your official transcript 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and your request will normally be processed within the next business day. Ordering an official electronic transcript is the university’s most expedited option for degree and GPA verification. For more information, please visit our Official Transcript site.

If you have additional enrollment or degree verification questions, contact the Registrar's Office at or (302) 831-2131.

Enrollment & Degree Verification Letters

There are occasions where the official transcript and/or UDSIS enrollment verification are not sufficient. In those cases, an enrollment/degree verification document, printed on University letterhead with Registrar signature, can be provided: see Enrollment Verification Sample   Degree Verification Sample.

Processing time for these verification letters is typically one business week after our receipt of this form:

Request a Verification Letter

Third Party Requests for Enrollment and Degree Verification

The University of Delaware, as a participating school, has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse as the primary source for enrollment, degree and attendance data. Requests from third parties (employers, insurance carriers, background screening firms, etc.) must contact the National Student Clearinghouse for enrollment and degree verification services. Their contact information is: