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Advising Tools for Undergraduate Students

There are a variety of tools within the UDSIS Student Center to help you navigate your academic information and assist you in the advising process. If you login into UDSIS - Self Service - Student Center - you will find a drop down menu where you can select these tools.

advising tools

Course History

This is an alpha/numeric list of all courses taken or transferred. You can sort this list by Course, Description, Grade, Status, Term, or Units.

Degree Audit

This is a comprehensive report of your academic requirements based on your catalog year (ex: Fall 2013) and your declared major/minor(s). The degree audit is available as a collapsible version directly in UDSIS, or you can 'view report as pdf' after the collapsible version has processed. The collapsible version will show satisfied requirements as collapsed and unsatisfied requirements as open. Collapsed requirements can be viewed by clicking the arrow to the left. The PDF version will display in a pop-up window. It shows all requirements and highlights not-yet-satisfied requirements in red text. Any in-progress courses are listed at the beginning of the audit, and they also fill into the university, college, and major-specific requirements anticipating successful completion of the course(s).

If you have an approved curriculum exception, please see your academic advisor for your formal Course Substitution to be accurately reflected into your degree audit.

You should review your audit prior to course registration to remind yourself of your remaining requirements, and you should reference your audit after registration to ensure that the courses for which you are registered apply to the appropriate degree requirements. For more information on reading the degree audit, see Reading the Degree Audit.

Unofficial Transcript

This is a semester-by-semester report of your academic record and calculates term and cumulative statistics, denotes certain course requirement designations (FYE), lists academic standings/awards such as Probation, Dean's List, etc. See Unofficial Transcripts for more info.

Transfer Credit Report

This report compiles any test and/or transfer credits that you have been awarded at UD. You do not receive a grade for any test credits you have earned or for any courses you have transferred. Instead, your Transfer Credit Report will reflect a 'CR' for test credit and a 'T' for transfer credit from an external institution. These credits do not calculate into your UD GPA, but the credits do count towards your credit total and the courses may count towards your degree requirements.

What-If Report

This report is a tool to give you a general sense of how previously-taken coursework could apply to another major or minor. This is a wonderful option if you are thinking about declaring a major or changing majors or adding a minor, etc. It doesn't replace seeking formal advisement but should help you gain an understanding of the requirements for that major/minor. You can also what-if courses to see how certain courses/grades would or wouldn't apply towards degree requirements. See What If for more info.