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Course Offering Rules

  1. A course will not be publicized in the University Course Catalog unless it has been approved by the appropriate University Faculty Senate Committee (Undergraduate or Graduate Studies). Additionally, a course will not be listed in Registration Booklets (except on an experimental basis as described below in 2. unless it has been submitted for challenge and final approval.
  2. Courses may be offered for two terms on an experimental basis. These courses are given a temporary X67 number.
  3. The Supplemental Course Descriptions will include narratives of all offerings not contained in the University Course Catalog. These will include experimental and topic courses.
  4. A course may not be cross-listed unless the cross-listing is approved by all departments and colleges concerned and by the appropriate Faculty Senate Committee (Undergraduate or Graduate Studies).
  5. There is only one record for a course; therefore, cross-listed courses have the same title, description, grade type, prerequisites, co-requisites and credit hours. They must be numbered at the same level and wherever possible, carry the same course number.
  6. An experimental course may not be cross-listed with an approved course.
  7. Courses are approved for either "letter grade" or "pass/fail only grade" type. If a course is approved for "letter grade" type, faculty must submit a letter grade. If a course is approved for "pass/fail only grade" type, faculty must submit P or F. The student's choice to take a course on a pass/fail basis does not change the method of grading.
  8. Course numbers, when deactivated, may not be reused for five years.
  9. Dual listing will be permitted only between 400 and 600 level courses. Care shall be exercised wherever possible to see that the two course numbers are symmetrical (e.g. QU407-QU607). The registration booklet will clearly inform students that courses are dual listed.
  10. Courses that are no longer offered should be deactivated by the department who owns the course through the annual course approval process. Courses not offered in three consecutive years will be automatically deactivated and removed from the course catalog.