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Change of Major, Minor, Concentration:  Additional Information & Frequently Asked Questions

Important: Due to varying restrictions within each college, please note that it is extremely important to contact the department of the major you wish to add. Also review information about Restricted Majors.

NOTE: It is not possible to maintain a major AND minor within the same (or similar) departments. For example, if one has a major in International Relations, you will be unable to add a minor in Political Science.

Webform:   Change of Major, Minor, Concentration & Graduation Term


1.  How long does it take to process my change of major/minor?

Because there are several levels of approbation, the Registrar's Office cannot complete the process until all approvals have been received. So, once all approvals have been granted, please allow the Registrar’s Office an additional 3 days for processing and do not submit duplicate forms within this period; it will only lengthen processing. You will receive confirmation when this process is complete.

2.  How do I switch majors? Or switch minors?

First, add the major/minor and graduation term that you are switching into using "Add Line" and then physically select "Delete" for the major/minor that you no longer want. Input a Reason for change and click "Finish & Submit".

3.  How do I delete a minor? How do I delete a major?

On the initial screen, there is a complete list of your current majors and minors. Next to each, there is an option to "Delete". Select "Keep" for any majors or minors you wish to keep.

4.  How do I add a major?

Choose a major/concentration in the drop down menu listed as "Add major/concentration", along with entering your graduation term (it is required to enter this date with each change of major). Then click "Add Line" before finally clicking the "Submit" button.

5.  Why do I need to enter my graduation term when it will remain the same after I change my major?

This is to ensure that there is no room for error. By physically re-entering graduation term, all information will be guaranteed to be updated correctly.

6.  How do I add a minor?

Choose a minor in the drop down menu listed as "Minor" and then click "Add Line" before finally clicking "Submit".

7.  How do I add more than one major? Or more than one minor?

You can add more than one major or minor at a time by simply continuing to click "Add Line".

8.  What if the major or minor that I want is not available in the drop down menu?

First, check your Undergraduate & Graduate Catalog for your year of entry into the University to verify that it is an available program. If it is available, contact the department to make them aware of the discrepancy.

9.  How many times can I change my major?

There is no restriction on the number of times throughout your career. However, you are restricted to submitting three requests per semester.

10.  What if I am not given an advisor when my change of major has been approved?

Please contact the department to be assigned an advisor.

11.  How do I add an honors degree?

Adding an honors degree is handled through the Honors Program (831-1195).