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Faculty Senate Online Course Approval Update

The Course Inventory Application will no longer host the Faculty Senate Online Course Approval Process. The Historical Records will still be available though, so Course Inventory will not be shut down. Submitters will not be able to submit anything on the former platform. The forms have been moved to Curriculog, a curriculum management application implemented in the 2016-2017 Academic Year. Curriculog is very similar to Course Inventory, and will allow for greater transparency, messaging, customization, and efficiency moving forward. The timeline and rules of the Course Approval Process have not changed.

For instructions on using Curriculog, click here.

The University's course inventory consists of all courses listed in the current undergraduate/graduate catalog. Part of the Faculty Senate's yearly course approval process, the online course approval application is for proposing a new course or revising or deactivating a course. This application is also used to apply for multicultural status and FYE and DLE requirement designations. Course proposals are routed electronically through the approval process and culminate in the Challenge List, also available through this application during the Challenge Period.

The course approval cycle begins in July and course proposals are required to be approved through the college level by December. Courses not approved by the college dean by the December deadline will not appear on the Challenge List. The Challenge List is the list of all course proposals in the current cycle that have received the required approvals. The Challenge Period, which usually falls during the first two weeks of spring classes, is a 10 day period in which all university faculty can review the Challenge List and submit electronically any concern or challenge they might have in reference to a particular course. Challenges are routed electronically to the chairperson of the Undergraduate Studies Committee for courses numbered 001-499, and to the Graduate Studies Committee chairperson for courses numbered 500 and above. The respective committees are responsible for determining the validity of the challenge and overseeing it's resolution. All courses approved by the Undergraduate and Graduate Studies Committees become part of the permanent course inventory, effective the following fall.

To view UD's Historical Course Inventory, click here.

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General Education Requirements

General education at the University of Delaware prepares students who are able to:

1)  Read critically, analyze arguments and information, and engage in constructive ideation.
2)  Communicate effectively in writing, orally, and through creative expression.
3)  Work collaboratively and independently within and across a variety of cultural contexts and a spectrum of differences.
4)  Critically evaluate the ethical implications of what they say and do.
5)  Reason quantitatively, computationally, and scientifically.