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Fall 2018 Registration Announcement:

Students whose major is outside of Lerner College of Business & Economics (BE) will now have limited access to BE courses. Non-Lerner students will only be able to register and complete up to 25 credits in their UGRD careers (excluding the Business Essentials (ACCT200, BUAD100, ECON100 and FINC200), transfer and test credit). Cross-listed courses owned by BE will also be affected. This effort is to support the integrity of the University and College when the Differential charge is levied on students enrolled in BE, EG and Nursing majors.

Students who are interested in changing or adding a Business degree and meet the academic requirements for entry should be advised to do so as soon as possible. Please direct students who are over the credit limit to the appropriate BE department if they are compelled to take a BE course.


There are several tools for advisors to use in their important role of advising UD students.

1. UDSIS Advisor Center

All advisees assigned to an advisor in UDSIS are listed on the My Advisees page in Advisor Center. Clicking the Student Details link takes you to that person's Student Center information. For additional help, see:

Advising tools (degree audit, what-if report) training is available for individual advisors or groups by request. Contact to schedule a training.

2. *Blue Hen Success Collaborative (BHSC)

The Blue Hen Success Collaborative is an undergraduate academic advising and student support system that combines predictive analytics, real-time data, consulting and networking to help academic advisors in their work to support students. BHSC provides advisors access to undergraduate students' academic profiles and to create advising reports/notes, appointments, messages, referrals and much more. BHSC will replace the university’s homegrown Advisor Notes system for entering undergraduate advising notes. Advisors can view associated Advisor resources.

3. Advising Views

Advising Views is a UD application that supports the academic advising process along with the Blue Hen Success Collaborative (BHSC) and UDSIS, UD's student records system. Student summary information, along with completed undergraduate academic webforms and links to other advising tools are provided to authorized staff, based on their UDSIS security.

4. *Advisor Notes (UD Notes)

This legacy UD application has supported the academic advising process by recording notes, ie. communications, between advisors and advisees. All note-taking functionality for undergraduate students moved in Fall 2017 to the Blue Hen Success Collaborative.

5. *Cognos Standard Reports

Reports listed in the Advisement section on our Cognos standard reports page support the advisement process. Cognos access is required to run these reports.

6. University Breadth Requirement Courses

See Courses Search: and Course Descriptions:

Here are the final changes to the AcYear 2018-19 Course Inventory:  Course Inventory Changes-AcYear 2018-19.

NOTE: *Student Data in these systems is up to one day behind UDSIS.

Please direct questions to the Registrar's Office at or call (302) 831-2132, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.