David P. M. Northmore

Associate Professor 
D.Phil., University of Sussex, England, 1973

Department of Psychology
Phone: Office (302) 831-3692: Lab 831-1701: Fax (302) 831-3645

Office: Room 228 Wolf Hall 

Research Interests

Dr. Northmore is a neuroscientist who joined the faculty of the Psychology Department in 1989. His research employs behavioral and electrophysiological approaches to the visual systems of lower vertebrates, particularly the midbrain optic tectum and nuclei closely associated with it. Exploiting the remarkable capacity of the fish optic nerve to regenerate after damage, he has studied the remapping of the visual field on the tectum during regeneration, and the subsequent recovery of visually guided behavior. Recent work applies this knowledge to model sensorimotor behavior using networks of electronic neurons fabricated in silicon by VLSI techniques. The research on artificial neurons is being done with Dr. John Elias of the Electrical Engineering Department and is currently supported by two grants from the National Science Foundation.

Research on the fish visual system is being carried out by three graduate students. Dong-Jin Oh is correlating receptive field properties of retinal ganglion cells with their axonal conduction velocity in normal and regenerating optic nerves. Shawn Gallagher is recording from different sites in the visual system, comparing the coding of color information.

Relevant Publications

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