Guiding Principles

To travel forward, we first needed to define where we stand. In discussions across the University community, we identified five guiding principles that represent our commitments to the world. These guiding principles serve as beacons to guide our progress forward.

Delaware First

Our first and most important commitment is to be the flagship of higher education for the State of Delaware—both by ensuring that every Delawarean has access to a top-quality education, and by applying the strengths and resources of the University to benefit the greater Delaware community. The rising prominence of the University of Delaware will bring new energy, opportunity, and recognition to the State of Delaware.


The University of Delaware will foster a robust educational environment in which all people are welcome and feel welcome—one that supports critical thinking, free inquiry, and respect for diverse views and values. As a community, we will embrace diversity as an integral and vital part of everyday life and a cornerstone value of our University.


The University of Delaware will create innovative partnerships for economic and community development, building knowledge and promoting ideas that serve the critical needs of the state, the nation, and the world.


The University of Delaware will engage students, faculty, staff, and alumni in the most compelling social, cultural, artistic, and scientific challenges of our age. It will place itself among the world’s leading universities by addressing such important matters as environmental sustainability, social justice, and alleviation of human suffering.


Our job is not done until our ideas, our expertise, and our students are given the opportunity to make a significant difference in the world. To succeed, we must assure that the University’s innovation, excitement, and accomplishments are publicly known throughout Delaware, academia, and across the nation and the world.