A Premier Research and Graduate University:
Current Initiatives

The Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Laboratory, scheduled to open in 2013, will house state-of-the-art, interdisciplinary teaching and research labs as well as institutes in energy and environment. Biomedical research needs are being supported through expansion of the McKinly Animal Care Facility, funded in part through an $8 million NIH grant. A $10 million grant from the Institute of Education Sciences will support a five-year research and development center aimed at understanding students’ difficulties in math.

Faculty hiring commitments include the UNIDEL Foundation’s endowment of new chairs in energy, environment and health sciences. Several new faculty cluster searches are underway, designed to enhance multidisciplinary research and education in such areas as computational biology, energy and environmental science. Additional cluster hires are being considered in diversity science (to support the planned Center for Diversity Studies) and in social sciences (to support the Center for Political Communication).

The University is building on the success of programs such as NUCLEUS and the McNair Scholars Program—which support underrepresented undergraduates committed to graduate education—by supplementing them with intensive summer programs of study, such as the Arts and Humanities Summer Institute, which has strengthened recruitment in the humanities and social sciences.

Newly established global research grants, grant-writing workshops and public engagement training, as well as increased professional development funding, are enhancing graduate students’ professional growth. New collaborations with the community, with local industry and with other institutional partners will expand and strengthen the University’s graduate student pipeline and broaden our program impact. The synergy we have created between graduate education and research provides a dynamic environment in which to educate future leaders who will serve a global society.