Key Capabilities: Staff Excellence

The University will advance only to the degree that we can attract, retain and develop staff who bring the expertise and commitment to meet the challenges of a great university. For our staff and professionals, the University will make ongoing professional development part of the University culture.

As noted, both faculty and staff salaries have been increased in each of the last two years, in contrast to pervasive trends elsewhere. Although total employment has been roughly constant, we have made excellent additions to the professional staff. An assessment of salary and classification structures has been initiated, and it is critical that this be followed through to create a system that is competitive and fair, that fosters staff development and advancement and that is less cumbersome at all points from recruiting onward. Other Human Resources initiatives, including a new “recruitment toolkit” for search committees and chairs, should help us continue to improve diversity in hiring.

New internal training programs for staff have been created, and more are in progress. We have also employed external offerings and certification programs to help staff become the best in their fields. The annual evaluation process has been improved, and has been implemented across the University.

We must ensure that policies and procedures for staff recruitment, retention and advancement are well aligned with our goals of excellence. The University of Delaware has been recognized by publications as varied as the Chronicle of Higher Education, The Scientist, and the News Journal as a great place to work, and we will continue to build both that reputation and the reality behind it.