Key Capabilities: Readiness to Embrace Change

To realize our aspirations, the University will become a more nimble and dynamic institution.

Few would argue that the pace of change at the University since the launch of the Path to Prominence has been anything less than dizzying! In addition to the scholarly initiatives, construction projects and financial transition discussed, we have embarked on significant efforts to realign and reorganize academic and administrative units to more efficiently reach our goals. For instance, we have relocated academic departments among six of the University’s seven colleges and renamed three of those colleges to better represent their missions. We have launched three new University-wide research institutes in the past two years and have recruited new directors for each (and for two existing institutes).

Significant reorganizations of central administrative and support functions have also been initiated, including those in Human Resources, Research, Facilities, Finance and Public Safety. We anticipate that this process will continue as we work to create responsive organizations designed to meet the University’s current needs and future aspirations.

We have launched new outreach efforts at all levels, hiring a Director of Federal Relations, launching new publications, undertaking a University-wide branding campaign and initiating new web and print communications from colleges and departments.