The Initiative for the Planet: Future Directions and Challenges

The University is playing a leading role in the development of alternative energy technologies and in the development of policies for deploying these technologies at a significant scale. We are committed to accelerating this work through new external partnerships and collaborations. Combined with focused efforts to reach decision-makers through workshops, briefings and public testimony, partnerships are essential to achieving national and international impact.

We must also act locally. The campus’s physical transformation, including the acquisition of the former Chrysler Newark Assembly Plant, represents an opportunity and a challenge to improve our sustainability and reduce our environmental footprint. Technology—building greener buildings and deploying solar and wind devices to generate carbon-free power—is only part of the solution, and in many ways it is the easier part. Altering human behavior is harder. Future University planning, policies and practices should serve to reduce the campus community’s environmental footprint. Foremost among our priorities will be reducing vehicular traffic to and from campus, as recommended in UD’s Climate Action Plan.

UD’s Sustainability Task Force continues to engage and educate the community on environmental sustainability issues that are aligned with our Climate Action Plan. Base metrics for a UD Environmental Report will be published in spring 2011.