Guiding Principles: Impact

The Path to Prominence committed the University to making our accomplishments widely known. To facilitate a consistent, relevant message to internal and external stakeholders, UD completed a brand identity study and is implementing a re-branding of the University based on six of our most compelling attributes: Talent Magnet, Idea Leadership, Discovery Learning, East Coast Classic, Smart Money and Citizen University.

Additionally, the University is supporting better internal communication through improved website navigation, increased electronic communication and implementation of a campus-wide digital signage system. By enlarging UD’s digital presence—enhancing our websites, employing search-engine optimization strategies and leveraging social media—the University has posted a one-year, 21-percent increase in unique e-visitors.

New publications have been launched to publicize UD’s work locally, nationally and internationally, including the UD Diamond Report (quantifying UD’s economic value to the state and region), UD Research magazine and Southern Delaware magazine. UD Global, a special-topics magazine showcasing the University’s international initiatives, will be published in fall 2010.