The Global Initiative: Current Initiatives

The University of Delaware has been widely recognized as a leader in study abroad, with UD consistently ranking among the top institutions nationally for study-abroad participation (46 percent of graduates); total number of students who study abroad (1,681); and number of short-term study abroad programs (ranked 3rd by the Institute of International Education). The University revised its study-abroad polices to adopt applicable best practices consistent with national standards. Scholarship support for study abroad (both need- and merit-based) increased in 2010, exceeding $600,000, and this continues to be a development priority.

While international students account for 41 percent of UD’s graduate student population, only 1.3 percent of our undergraduates are international students—well below our peers’ 5-percent average. Initiatives to increase the number of international students include new exchange programs, dual-degree programs, the ELI conditional admission and bridge programs and implementation of new student support and transitioning systems.

International travel among graduate students is being fueled by a competitive grant program subsidizing research travel that enhances scholarship opportunities and/or provides important venues for creative work. More than $200,000 in grants has been awarded since 2008.

UD’s partnership with China’s Xiamen University has yielded the Joint Institute for Coastal Research and Management (in partnership with the College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment) and the Confucius Institute. Additionally, the School of Urban Affairs and Public Policy has implemented a semester-abroad program for graduate students at Beijing Normal University.

UD’s global outreach has been expanded though a number of competitive externally funded programs, including the U.S. Department of State’s Institute on U.S. National Security, the Middle Eastern Partnership Institute for Student Leaders and the International Coaching Enrichment Program.