The Engaged University: Implementation Efforts

Each college engages in discovery learning, which brings faculty and students into close contact with practitioners—their experience and expertise and the challenges they face. The University is a destination for active learning both inside and outside the classroom, and our alumni enjoy lifelong involvement with UD.

Competitive summer internships in cultural institutions across the state advance skills and knowledge in the arts, humanities and non-profit management. Those skills and knowledge are then shared with the Delaware public. For instance, graduate students in material culture studies regularly discuss their research with members of the Osher Lifelong Learning Institutes.

Numerous units on campus are engaged in partnerships and outreach efforts to improve the social, economic, educational and cultural climate of the state and region. How Delaware Compares—a report jointly prepared by UD’s Institute for Public Administration, the Delaware Public Policy Institute and the Delaware State Chamber of Commerce—presents data and commentary from UD faculty regarding the state’s standing on key quality-of-life and economic indicators. In fact, a recent assessment of UD’s economic impact concluded that the University contributes $608 million annually to the regional economy, with an additional $1.5 billion contributed by alumni who live and work in the area.