Excellence in Professional Education: Future Directions and Challenges

Efforts are underway to develop and deliver additional professional graduate programs. We are, for example, working with Thomas Jefferson University to offer a joint degree in clinical translational sciences. As UD continues to develop expertise in energy and environmental sciences, we will evaluate the demand for (and our capability to deliver) education for energy and environmental science and policy professionals. We will work with the Council of Graduate Schools to explore new national opportunities to initiate, expand and enrich professional programs in the arts, humanities and social sciences. And we will improve training in writing and communication in all professional programs.

Many of our professional programs are accredited by the most prestigious accrediting bodies within their disciplines. Nevertheless, UD must identify indicators that more specifically assess program quality and impact. We must track professional graduate student placement and regularly survey program alumni to collect career progression data.

Developing professional graduate programs creates significant demands on the University and requires enhancements in key areas, including recruiting; financial aid; internship and field experience coordination and support; career services for students and alumni; and marketing.