The Engaged University

The University of Delaware will promote public service, valuing engagement with our local communities in Delaware and with the world.

Among the University of Delaware’s greatest strengths is its long tradition of public service, as well as its excellence in the arts, humanities, and social sciences. As the largest university in a small yet nationally and internationally important state, we have the opportunity to work closely with public agencies throughout Delaware, applying research and human talent to address pressing social and civic issues. Our central location in the Northeast Corridor gives the University unparalleled access to major centers of government, commerce, and culture.

To fulfill the University’s mission of education and service, we will become a university that values engagement, one that continues to build and promote dynamic programs of world-class distinction, reaching out to local and regional constituents—and far beyond—to address the challenges that face the world.

  • Inspire an Engaged Student Body
  • Promote Lifelong Engagement with Alumni
  • Cultivate a Culturally and Socially Engaged University
  • Engage the Community as an Impetus for Innovation
  • Strengthen Public Education in Delaware and Beyond
  • Partner with the City of Newark
  • Increase the University’s Presence and Engagement in Southern Delaware