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You can request customized training for your department or group. Contact your Procurement buyer or call our front desk at 831-2161 if interested.

Training Resources

Cancelling a card PDF
Getting a new card PDF
Replenishing a declining balance card PDF
Updating a card PDF
EGENCIA How-to Instructions for Guest Accounts MS Word Ι PDF Updated
EGENCIA How-to Instructions for Personal Travel MS Word Ι PDF Updated
Reimbursements through WORKS Instructions MS Word Ι PDF
Access to Works PDF
Allocation in WORKS Instructions MS Word Ι PDF
Reimbursements through WORKS Instructions MS Word Ι PDF
Training Videos
NOTE: Click on the mp4 link to play the video or right-click and select "save as" to download.
Allocation (1 min 26 sec) mp4
Attaching a receipt to a transaction (2 min 20 sec) mp4
Cancelling a card (1 min 28 sec) mp4
Chip and PIN cards (3 min 2 sec) mp4
Disputing a transaction (1 min 21 sec) mp4
Handling flagged items (1 min 59 sec) mp4
Mass allocating charges (1 min 37 sec) mp4
Reimbursements (3 min 15 sec) mp4
Replenishing declining balance cards (2 min 0 sec) mp4
Requesting a new card (3 min 0 sec) mp4
Resetting your password (1 min 44 sec) mp4
Running reports (2 min 57 sec) mp4
Splitting a charge (1 min 14 sec) mp4
Transaction signoff (1 min 10 sec) mp4
Updating card info (2 min 14 sec) mp4
Works 4.0 new features (4 min 30 sec) mp4
Works access (2 min 9 sec) mp4