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When will Concur Travel & Expense go live? [Expand]
Fall 2018.
May I still use my personal credit card and personal funds for my work-related travel expenses? [Expand]
The UD Credit Card is preferred, but a personal card may be used.
What happens if my card is declined and therefore I am forced to use my personal credit card and/or funds? Can I be reimbursed for this? [Expand]
Under these circumstances, yes. Should this happen to you, please complete a reimbursement request within Works. You can contact Procurement to see why your card might have declined.
What happens if I charge something on the UD Credit Card that is not allowable? [Expand]
You would reimburse the University by check. Please see UD Policy 5-22 for more information.
What if I can't get an itemized receipt? [Expand]
Most restaurants will give itemized receipts even after the fact. If you forget to take yours with you or if you lose the receipt, try calling the restaurant and asking them to fax you a copy. If your missing receipt is from anything booked through Egencia (e.g. airfare, hotel, rental car), you can print your receipt from the Egencia website.
Suppose I am at a business lunch with five other people. We've asked for separate checks but the restaurant cannot give us separate itemized receipts. What do I do? [Expand]
If a receipt is required due to using your UD Credit Card, just ask for a duplicate check and circle what was yours. If you are working under per diem, no receipts for personal meals are required.
Can I use my UD Credit Card to pay for a meal while on a University business-related trip or must I use per diem? [Expand]
The UD traveler is free to use per diem for their entire trip for meals and incidentals or use their UD Credit Card to purchase their meals for the entire trip. If you use the UD Credit Card, you must keep receipts, as required when using the card, but the cap set for your meal expenditures is the per diem rate.
Can I use my UD Credit Card to pay for a meal on a business trip when the cost of the meal (or meals for a day) exceed(s) the stated federal per diem rate? [Expand]
The federal per diem rate is calculated per day over the term of the trip. You have a total amount you can spend which is determined by the length of the trip. If you spend more than the allowed per diem amount, you will need to reimburse the University through a cash transmittal.
On a given trip, can I mingle meal reimbursement using per diem and UD Credit Card payment for meals? [Expand]
No. For each trip you need to choose to use per diem for the entire trip or to collect receipts for your meals and incidentals for the entire trip.
How do I purchase Amtrak tickets? [Expand]
You can purchase Amtrak rail tickets via their web site at or by calling their Reservation Center at 1-800- USA-RAIL. The tickets can be charged to your UD Credit Card.
I want to sign up for Southwest's 'Rapid Rewards' program. What do I need to do? [Expand]
Go to the Rapid Rewards tab on and use the Enroll link to create an account. You will need UD's SWABIZ (Southwest Business) company ID number which is 99066590.
What is the SWABIZ company ID number? [Expand]
UD's SWABIZ (Southwest Business) company ID number is 99066590. You will need this number in order to enroll in Southwest's Rapid Rewards program. If you enter the Southwest site directly from Egencia, this number is filled in automatically.
I already have a 'Rapid Rewards' account? Can I use it on UD's SWABIZ site? [Expand]
Yes! After signing into the SWABIZ site, you can enter your 'Rapid Rewards' account number in the upper right corner of the screen. All credits for travel remain with the 'Rapid Rewards' account holder.
If I get a credit from an airline for a cancelled flight and have no receipt for the credit, what do I do? [Expand]
If the credit is for the same amount as the original charge, use the statement as your receipt for the credit. If the credit amount is to be less than the original charge, ask the airline at the time you are getting the credit for a receipt showing the penalty charges which resulted in the lesser credit.
My flight is on a carrier which is part of the Star Alliance. Does that mean my flight is Fly America compliant? [Expand]
No. Star Alliance membership does not determine compliance with Fly America requirements. The Star Alliance is a network that provides a comprehensive end-to-end service for frequent flyers. Star Alliance does not confer U.S. Flag Carrier status on its members absent the utilization of a code-shared flight with a U.S. carrier designator.
Can I take advantage of Open Skies Agreements to be Fly America Compliant where required? [Expand]
For flights booked and traveled AFTER July 1, 2012, the University of Delaware will allow use of the four current Open Skies Transportation Agreements which include European Union (EU), Australia, Switzerland, and Japan. When using these agreements you MUST complete the Fly America Waiver checklist and attach supporting documentation to include your itinerary, boarding passes, and a copy of the Agreement that shows the country involved. For more information, please contact the Research office or refer to their website.
Does the award of frequent flyer miles on a US airline awards program mean that my flight is Fly America compliant? [Expand]
NO. The award of frequent flyer points or miles with a particular airline does not make the flight for which they were awarded Fly America compliant. The determination of a flight's compliance is based upon the primary carrier status as noted by the ticketing codes of the flight; they are not based on mileage or points awards. Your airline ticket/eticket must show the proper US Flag Carrier codes.
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