Travel FAQs

World Travel

World Travel is the University of Delaware's Travel Management Company (TMC) and is housed within Concur. Once you begin searching, reserving and booking travel within Concur, you are actually in the World Travel portal. To speak with a World Travel Agent, call 855-215-8312.

Will all travel bookings need to be made through Concur/World Travel? [Expand]
We do request that travel arrangements be made through World Travel for several reasons:
  • Duty of Care - By booking through Concur/World Travel the traveler will be in our current DOC system where they can receive a notification should an emergency arise in the region of their travel and if necessary, we can communicate with them to ensure their safety. However, if travel is booked outside of Concur/World Travel (i.e. booking conference hotels directly with the hotel), your confirmation/itinerary will need to be sent to: in order to be in the DOC system.
  • Fares/Low Fare Guarantee - World Travel will work for you in obtaining the best possible fares; to meet time and/or any special requirements you have and will service you 24/7; no outsourcing, you will always speak with a World Travel Agent. To view their policy: World Travel Low Air Fare Guarantee. If you prefer to speak with an agent regarding the price difference, you can contact a dedicated agent for UD at 855-215-8312, also shown on the Concur homepage.
  • Support with Delays/Cancellations - When a delay and/or cancellation situation arises, you have the benefit of Agent assistant service to get you on the next flight, a hotel room, etc.
  • Ease of Expensing - By booking in Concur/World Travel, all of the traveler's itinerary information will already be in the system and ready to be attached to their Expense Report when they return. No need to add trip details (dates, times, locations, etc.), those fields will pre-populate from their itinerary.
What if I find a cheaper flight than what is listed in World Travel, will they match the less expensive flight? [Expand]
Yes, World Travel does guarantee the lowest rate. World Travel will match the lower rate or double the difference provided it is an exact 'apples to apples' match: date, flight, class, seating, etc. To view their policy: World Travel Low Air Fare Guarantee. If you prefer to speak with an agent regarding the price difference, you can contact a dedicated agent for UD at 855-215-8312, also shown on the Concur homepage.
What fees will we be charged if we call World Travel or contact them through email for support? [Expand]
There is no fee for email support or by calling World Travel and simply asking questions.
  • Agent booking (calling a WT Agent) with airfare - $30*
  • Online booking with airfare - $8
  • Agent booking (calling a WT Agent) car/hotel-only - $10
  • Online car/hotel-only - $5
*This fee covers air, hotel and car (or any combination with an airfare ticket purchase) when they are all booked at the same time for one service fee of $30.
What are the risks of booking a Basic Economy Seat? [Expand]
  • Many times a Basic Economy fare/seat is non-refundable or non-changeable (see next question below)
  • You will not have the opportunity to choose a seat until you check-in for the flight, which is 24 hours prior to departure;
  • typically the most undesirable seats are the only ones available
  • Basic Economy passengers run the risk of being the first to be bumped off of an over-booked flight
  • Most times a fee is added for carry-on luggage; only one personal item (purse/brief case) is allowed at no fee.
What is the difference between a Non-Refundable and Non-Changeable airline ticket? [Expand]
Non-Refundable - if for any reason the traveler needs to change or cancel the travel, they can do so, however, most airlines charge a fee of approximately $200. Any amount left after the fee is deducted, can be credited to the traveler for up to one year. The traveler/arranger will get notification 90, 60 and 30 days from the date the credit will expire.
Non-Changeable - if a traveler books a non-changeable ticket and later needs to make any changes, (time and/or date, etc.), the ticket will become a total loss and no credit issued.
If my airline has notified me of a delay or a cancellation can I make the change using the Concur/World Travel app? [Expand]
Typically, travel agents or the airlines are the only ones that can change flights due to delays and cancellations since they waive penalties, or additional cost. The app can't calculate the waived fees/charges like the airline or agents. Therefore, no, the World Travel app does not allow you to change or rebook a flight.

Unused/Canceled Tickets

If I get a credit from an airline for a cancelled flight and have no receipt for the credit, what do I do? [Expand]
If your travel was booked with World Travel, contact them by calling 855-215-8312 and request a copy of your credit from the Agent. If you did not book with World Travel, you will need to contact the vendor directly.
Note: Typically the exchange or cancellation fee is $200, however this can be higher/lower depending on the ticket or airline. These exchange fees are controlled by the airline and not World Travel. When applying a credit to a new ticket, this need to be done by calling a World Travel Agent.
If one of our travelers books through Concur/World Travel, cancels the trip and later wants to use the unused ticket, what fees will be applied or deducted from the credit they hold? Would WTI charge a fee when a new ticket is reserved? [Expand]
Exchange fees are controlled by the airline and not World Travel. When applying a credit to a new ticket, this must be done through an Agent and therefore, would incur a new $30 service fee.
Does the 30, 60, 90 day email notification on an unused ticket go directly to the traveler as well as their designated travel Arranger? [Expand]
Yes. The 30 60 90 unused tickets notification will be sent to the travelers as well as the travel arranger.

Fly America

My flight is on a carrier which is part of the Star Alliance. Does that mean my flight is Fly America compliant? [Expand]
No. Star Alliance membership does not determine compliance with Fly America requirements. The Star Alliance is a network that provides a comprehensive end-to-end service for frequent flyers. Star Alliance does not confer U.S. Flag Carrier status on its members absent the utilization of a code-shared flight with a U.S. carrier designator.
Can I take advantage of Open Skies Agreements to be Fly America Compliant where required? [Expand]
The University of Delaware will allow use of the four current Open Skies Transportation Agreements which include European Union (EU), Australia, Switzerland, and Japan. When using these agreements you MUST complete the Fly America Waiver checklist and attach supporting documentation to include your itinerary, boarding passes, and a copy of the Agreement that shows the country involved. For more information, please contact the Research office or refer to their website at UD Research - Fly America - Forms, Policies and Procedures
Does the award of frequent flyer miles on a US airline awards program mean that my flight is Fly America compliant? [Expand]
No. The award of frequent flyer points or miles with a particular airline does not make the flight for which they were awarded Fly America compliant. The determination of a flight's compliance is based upon the primary carrier status as noted by the ticketing codes of the flight; they are not based on mileage or points awards. Your airline ticket/eticket must show the proper US Flag Carrier codes.

Southwest Airlines

What is the SWABIZ company ID number? [Expand]
UD's SWABIZ (Southwest Business) company ID number is 99066590. However, when booking flights with Southwest through Concur/World Travel the company ID is auto-filled on the back end.
I already have a 'Rapid Rewards' account. Can I use it when booking in Concur/World Travel? [Expand]
Yes! Enter your 'Rapid Rewards' account number in the Frequent-Traveler Programs section of your Concur Profile. All credits for travel remain with the 'Rapid Rewards' account holder.

Booking Travel for Others

How do I book travel for my boss or another coworker? [Expand]
You need to be sure you are their Request delegate and travel arranger (this should be done in the Profile), and they have their UD credit card stored in Concur. Log in and "Act as" their delegate to book their travel. Do not book someone else's travel on your credit card, the expense report is for their travel expenses.
What is Guest Travel and how do I book? [Expand]
Guest Travel is any non-UD person on UD business travel.
Guest travel can now be booked online in Concur with World Travel. From the Concur homepage:
  • Simply click Book for a guest just under the Trip Search title (upper left of screen).
  • The screen will refresh
  • Begin booking through the tool as normal (enter To/From flight information, etc.)
  • Choose Guest at Travel Type and whatever the purpose of the trip
  • Select flight
  • On the Review and Reserve Flight screen, enter the Guest Traveler information exactly as it appears on their photo ID
  • Proceed normally with the remainder of the travel booking
  • Not until you reach the last screen that shows FINISHED! is the travel actually booked
Do I need to do a Request for Guest Travel? [Expand]
Yes, a Request should be submitted for Guest travel.
Can I put in one Travel Request for multiple guests? [Expand]
Yes. Be sure to choose Guest in the Traveler Type field of the Request header.

In the Segments section of the Request where you provide the estimated costs of air travel, you have two options of entering the information for multiple guests (departing from multiple cities):
  1. Round Trip: Choose one of the many cities the guests are coming from and enter that in the From field. However, in the Estimated Amount field, tally up all the (estimated) airfare costs and enter in that field. You can add an explanation in the comment field or simply state, "See attachment for information for multiple guests."
    Note: If the list of guests and the purpose of the travel is quite long, you may attach a document to the Request providing this information (see Attachments in upper right of Request Header/Segments).
  2. OR

  3. Click Multi-Segment and fill in a separate (air) segment for each guest coming from each of their different departure cities. In the estimated cost field, enter each air fare separately.
  4. If you have multiple guests coming from the same departure city, you may create one Request, enter the one city in the From field of the Segments and in the Estimated Amount field, tally up all the (estimated) air fare costs and enter in that field.
Does the Guest travel Request also go to the cardholder's supervisor for approval as well as related COAs? [Expand]
Yes, the workflow for the Guest travel request is the same as if it was for the cardholder.

TSA Precheck/Global Entry

TSA is telling me to use a 'Pass ID', however, there is no field for a 'Pass ID' in my Concur profile, how do I enter this number? [Expand]
The Global Entry number trumps the TSA Precheck number. The Global Entry number automatically gives you TSA Precheck. If you have a Global Entry number, enter that in the TSA Precheck field. Based on the number, it will flag you as a Global Entry if that is the number that is present in the profile.

Personal Travel

Can I use Concur/World Travel to book personal travel? [Expand]
Personal travel cannot be booked online in Concur/World Travel. However, personal travel may be booked by calling a World Travel Agent (855-215-8312) and having the Agent book the travel for you. World Travel will honor the $30 agent fee* for personal travel bookings. There is a maximum of $70.00 per reservation.
(*Note: WT will honor the $30 booking fee for leisure travel as opposed to the normal leisure fee of $35/per ticket.)
I am adding personal travel to a business trip - do I need to make two separate hotel or rental car reservations? One with Concur and one on my own? [Expand]
You may make one reservation, however, you cannot split a charge in Concur or at a hotel or car rental agency desk. You will need to pay with your UD credit card and when you are itemizing your expenses for this trip, you will need to choose Personal Non-Reimbursable for the expense type for those days that were personal. You will need to pay UD via a cash transmittal form.


Does the traveler receive a confirmation number for the hotel when booking through Concur/World Travel? [Expand]
Yes, the hotel will send the traveler/Arranger an email confirmation. Also, the hotel confirmation number will appear in the Trip Details as they go through the booking process.
Can I book my hotel stay through the conference at the room block/room rate offered? [Expand]
Yes, just be sure forward your confirmation to
The hotel selected for travel was more expensive than the hotel per diem. Is this a problem? [Expand]
No. UD only uses per diem for meals & incidentals, not hotels. However, Concur will show GSA rates prior to actually selecting your hotel, these are there as a guide, they are not UD policy. (With regard to grant-funded travel, please note that other restrictions may exist depending on the specific sponsor or award terms and conditions.)

Rental Cars

What car rental agencies should we use when travelling on UD business? [Expand]
The University has agreements with Enterprise/National and Hertz. Those agencies will show as Preferred when the car rental inventory appears when booking in Concur/World Travel.
Should I purchase insurance when renting from our Preferred Car Rental Agencies? [Expand]
When renting with UD preferred car agencies Enterprise / National and Hertz, the required $1M Supplemental Liability Insurance and Collision Damage Waiver is included in the rate. Any additional insurance will not be reimbursed to the traveler.
However, rentals made outside of the preferred agencies (Hertz, National and Enterprise) or outside the United States, the traveler must purchase a minimum $1M Supplemental Liability Insurance and Collision Damage Waiver.
Can I use the discounted rate with our preferred car rental agencies for personal use? [Expand]
No. The discounted rates the University receives are part of State of DE and E&I Consortium rates; therefore they can only be applied to bona fide UD business travel by UD employees.
For more information please visit UD Preferred Car Rental Info

Rail Travel

How do I purchase Amtrak tickets? [Expand]
You can purchase Amtrak rail tickets via their web site at or by calling their Reservation Center at 1-800-USA-RAIL. The tickets can be charged to your UD Credit Card.
How do I purchase international rail tickets? [Expand]
European rail can only be booked online through Concur/World Travel if you are combining an air/rail ticket where there is a rail station located at the airport, i.e. Charles De Gaulle in Paris. However, for any other international rail, you will need to call a World Travel Agent at 855-215-8312.

Shuttle Service

Can a shuttle service, like Delaware Express, be used for transportation to and from the airport? Can the traveler be picked up from and returned to his/her home and can the entire expense be charged to the UD credit card? [Expand]
Delaware Express and THG Transport are the preferred shuttle vendors for the University of Delaware. Shuttle services cannot be booked through Concur/World Travel, they must be made by going direct to the vendor. Travelers can be picked up and dropped off at their home and the entire expense can be charged to the UD credit card.


Is the Request form only required if you are booking your travel through Concur/World Travel? [Expand]
No, a Request should be submitted prior to any travel (with air and hotel*) so the University has visibility of our employees' locations in the event of an emergency, as well as for the COA to authorize expenditure of funds for the trip. Additionally, your travel expense report will begin to build itself based on the information the traveler has provided in the Request.

*Requests are not required for mileage only travel.

What determines when a Travel Request needs to be submitted? [Expand]
Travel that involves any combination of airfare, hotel and vehicle rental and/or any travel that requires an overnight stay. Not only does the Request serve as a communication to your Supervisor that you will be gone from the office, the reason for the absence, as well as estimated costs, it will populate the Locate tool should an incident occur within the region of your travel. In that case, the University will be alerted and will be able to communicate with you to ensure your safety.
Mileage Only trips do not warrant a Travel Request.
Does a Request need to be approved before travel can be booked? [Expand]
No. The dependency of the Request being approved prior to booking travel has been lifted. Once the Request is submitted the traveler/arranger can proceed right to booking the travel.
What if I need to make a change to a Request that I submitted, can I do so? [Expand]
As long as the Request is not fully approved, you can click "Recall" in the top corner to bring the Request back to you and make the changes. When you recall a Request, it does go through all the approvals again.
What if there is consecutive business travel; i.e. back-to-back travel in different cities or states or even out of the country, can one Request be submitted? [Expand]
Yes, in the Segments tab of the Request:
  • Air - there is a Multi-Leg option in the Air Ticket portion; enter the estimated total amount of the entire air travel spend and enter each leg of the travel in the appropriate space(s). Click Save in the lower right
  • Hotel - Enter estimated total spend for the first hotel stay. Click Save in the lower right of screen. Click Hotel icon at the top, that will open up another Hotel section for you to complete for the next hotel stay. Click Save. And so on for each consecutive hotel stay.
  • Car Rental - Same process as above
How do we indicate multiple funding sources on a travel request? i.e., the department will pay up to $600 and anything over that amount should be charged to startup. [Expand]
Multiple funding sources can be done on the Expense Report, however, only one Speedtype can show on the Request. The traveler/arranger should enter the Speedtype of the limited source of funds (e.g. the department purpose code) into the Speedtype field on the Request. The traveler/arranger can then add comments to the "Comments To/From Approver" field indicating that any expenses over the allotted departmental travel allowance will be charged to a different purpose code (e. g. their startup funds).
Is there a business justification required field in the Travel Request? This is required for sponsored projects. [Expand]
The Travel Request form has a required "Request/Trip Purpose" field with a drop down menu to select from, which should suffice for a Business Justification. Additional information should be added to the required "Trip Details" field.
Is there a Travel Request template within Concur? [Expand]
There is not a template, however, a duplicate of a previous Travel Request can be easily made and altered for a new trip.
  • Click 'Request' in black toolbar at the top of the Concur homepage.
  • Click blue View button under Active Requests.
  • Click 'All Requests'. Check the box for the Request that you wish to copy. By doing so, this will activate a blue 'Copy Request' button in the upper right of the list of Requests.
  • Click 'Copy Request'. Change the date to your upcoming travel date. Click 'Ok'.
A new Request will automatically appear with the header fields already populated. Change whatever is necessary and Submit your new Request.
When copying a Request does it copy the receipt from the original transaction? [Expand]
Copying a Request will not include any attachments.
Can you attach documents to the Request? [Expand]
Yes, there is a blue "Attachments" button in the top right corner of the Request.
Does the Cost Object Approver need to approve the Travel Request before it can be linked to an expense report? [Expand]
Yes, the COA needs to approve the travel request before the traveler/delegate can attach a Request to the Expense report.
Should travelers enter estimated costs for things like ground transportation, conference registration, per diem, parking, etc? Is this done on the "expenses" tab of the travel request? [Expand]
Depending on how precise you want your travelers to get with the estimate, they can put all their estimated expenses on the Request. Anything other than the main air, car, hotel and rail would go on the Expenses tab of the Request.

TripIt and My Travel Network

What is TripIt? [Expand]
TripIt is an App that will consolidate and organize all your travel plans in one place. TripIt has many benefits for the traveler; listed below are just some features:
  • Will create a master itinerary for every trip
  • Real time flight alerts
  • Check-in reminder
  • Alternate flights
  • And more ...

When completing your Concur profile, you will have an opportunity to sign on to TripIt. Go to, locate the TripIt Pro Travel Alert pop-up and click "Activate Subscription" or go to, > Profile > Profile Settings > Other Settings > Connected Apps, then click the Connect to TripIt link.

My Trip-It brought my personal travel into Concur. What happened? [Expand]
If the vendor is a TripLink partner and if a user has TripIt Pro and has enabled My Travel Network anything booked on a partner vendor website directly will automatically flow into their Trip Library in Concur unless they mark the trip as Personal when booking it on the website directly.
If a personal expense flows into your Available Expenses, just click on that line item and click Delete in the upper right of the Expenses. This will only delete the expense from your UD business expenses, but will not delete the charge itself or travel booked.
What is My Travel Network? [Expand]
My Travel Network lets you connect all of your reward programs to get your travel and expenses organized in one place. Once you enroll and connect your frequent traveler accounts, plans and E-receipts will flow straight into your Concur Expenses.
When completing your Concur profile, you will have an opportunity to enable My Travel Network and enable E-Receipts.
  • Go to > Profile > Profile Settings > Profile Options > Travel Profile Options. Complete relevant sections. Under My Travel Network, click "I agree" to link any current or future loyalty programs you add to Concur.
  • Go to > Profile > Profile Settings > Profile Options > E-Receipt Activation. On the E-Receipt Activation page, click the "here" link, then click the "I Agree" button.

Travel and the UD Credit Card

May I still use my personal credit card and personal funds for my work-related travel expenses? [Expand]
The UD Credit Card is preferred, but a personal card may be used. You will need to indicate Out of Pocket in the Payment Type field on your expense report in Concur.
What happens if my card is declined and therefore I am forced to use my personal credit card and/or funds? Can I be reimbursed for this? [Expand]
Under these circumstances, yes you will be reimbursed. To do so, please indicate Out of Pocket in the Payment Type field on your expense report in Concur. You can contact Procurement to see why your card might have declined at
What happens if I charge something on the UD Credit Card that is not allowable? [Expand]
You would reimburse the University by check. Please see UD Policy 5-22 for more information.
What if I can't get an itemized receipt? [Expand]
Most vendors will give itemized receipts even after the fact. If you forget to take yours with you or if you lose the receipt, try calling the vendor and asking them to email you a copy. If your travel was booked through Concur or associated with your TripIt account, you may also get an itemized receipt imported into your Concur account (these are indicated in the "Source" column of available expenses as an icon different from the striped rectangle indicating credit card charge). Adding this to your expense report as a pending card transaction will allow the transaction to match up once it is received by the bank.
Suppose I am at a business lunch with five other people. We've asked for separate checks but the restaurant cannot give us separate itemized receipts. What do I do? [Expand]
If a receipt is required due to using your UD Credit Card, just ask for a duplicate check and circle what was yours. If you are working under per diem, no receipts for personal meals are required.
Can I use my UD Credit Card to pay for a meal while on a University business-related trip or must I use per diem? [Expand]
The UD traveler may use their UD Credit Card to purchase their meals when traveling, but are limited to the per diem amounts. When completing the expense report in Concur, the traveler should claim per diem for meals, excluding any provided by the conference or paid for by others, and add meals on the UD credit card as "Personal non-reimbursable" to offset the per diem. If the traveler spent more than allowed by per diem, they will owe the University a reimbursement for that amount.

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