Reimbursement FAQs
I am a new user and will be submitting a reimbursement request for the first time. What are the steps I should take and whom should I contact? [Expand]
The online tutorial is an excellent place to start. These videos will walk you through the entire process of creating and submitting expense reports through Concur. Please see our Concur page for Quick Guides and other useful info.
How long does it take to process a reimbursement? [Expand]
A reimbursement is usually processed within 3-5 days, provided there are no questions, problems, etc.
I submitted a reimbursement request through Works, but now I can no longer see it. Where did it go? [Expand]
Once the cardholder (or processor) submits the reimbursement request, it goes to the cardholder's (or processor's) manager. Using the Search function will enable you to view the request even though it is out of your queue.
I'm paying for a meal with my UD Credit Card. What do I do about alcohol? [Expand]
You can either ask the restaurant to put the alcohol on a separate tab (which you then pay for yourself), or you can leave it on the same tab and reimburse the University.
I submitted a reimbursement request for someone else, but I was the one who got reimbursed. What did I do wrong? [Expand]
When you are completing a reimbursement request on behalf of another person, please make sure you put that person's name (Last Name, First Name) in the Payee Name field and his/her employee ID# in the Payee ID field.
When completing a reimbursement request, can I just select 'Other' in the dropdown box? [Expand]
Please do not pick 'Other' for tolls, mileage, and other items which appear as choices in the dropdown box. Only choose 'Other' when being reimbursed for something that does not fit into any of the existing categories.
How do I know if my reimbursement has been processed? [Expand]
The payee will receive an email once the request has been processed.
My reimbursement has not yet been processed. Should I call Procurement? [Expand]
If it has been at least one week since the manager has signed off on the request, then yes. To determine whether or not the manager has signed off, please use the Search tool in Works (select Tools, then Search, then Reimbursements).
Should I send my receipts to Procurement? [Expand]
Receipts (required for anything over $25.00) should be attached to a printed copy of the reimbursement request and filed within the department. There is no need to send any receipts to Procurement.
I will be taking a guest speaker out to lunch. How many UD personnel are allowed to come along? Can I bring my spouse? [Expand]
A maximum of four UD employees may accompany the guest. You may bring a spouse if the guest also brings a spouse.
Am I required to use the UD Credit Card or can I just use my own card and get reimbursed? [Expand]
A UD Credit Card is preferred, but a personal card may also be used.
When are my meals taxable? [Expand]
Meals are taxable when there is no overnight stay. Example: You buy lunch for yourself while in Wilmington for a one-day conference. This lunch is taxable.
Where can I find the current government mileage rate for travel reimbursements? [Expand]
The current mileage rate can be reached through a link in the UD Travel and Business Hosting policy 3-07 and on the government website at
Where can I find a breakdown for foreign per diem rates? [Expand]
You can access this via a link in UD Travel and Business Hosting policy 3-07 or on the U.S. Department of State website.
What is the M&IE (Meals and Incidental Expenses) reimbursement rate during the first and last travel day? [Expand]
On the first and last travel day, employees are eligible for 75% of the total M&IE rate. For your convenience, the M&IE breakdown page on the GSA website has a column showing the calculated amount for the "First and Last Day of Travel."
Why do we need to list starting and ending destinations with city and state on our reimbursements? [Expand]
Several states have cities and towns with the same name. In order to accurately record your destinations, you are required to list the city and state of your travel.
What is considered an incidental expense? [Expand]
Within the federal guideline, Per Diem Allowance describes incidental expenses as including fees and tips given to porters, baggage carriers, bellhops, hotel maids, stewards or stewardesses, and other hotel servants in foreign countries. Personal items such as newspaper and magazines are also under this category.
I recently discovered that my reimbursements are being deposited into the wrong bank account. Can Procurement fix this? [Expand]
Unfortunately, there is nothing Procurement can do once the deposit has been made. Therefore, it is very important that you review your bank account information prior to final submission of your reimbursement. The last four digits of the bank account must be entered in the Vendor field on the reimbursement (note that this must be a bank account already on file); otherwise, the deposit will default to the last account used by Payroll. You will receive a system notification the day before a reimbursement deposit goes into your bank account. When you see this notification, it’s good practice to review the details to insure a correct workflow.