Grants & Sponsored Programs FAQs
Where can I learn more about grants and sponsored research at UD? [Expand]

Please visit the Research Office website at

What is Procurement's role in grant-funded research? [Expand]

With the receipt of grant funds comes an obligation for responsible stewardship of those funds along with full compliance with the regulations that govern their use. The responsibilities associated with the procurement of goods and services to support grant-funded research are of particular importance in light of federal requirements for documented cost efficiency, accountability, and integrity.

The obligations of units devoted to grant-funded research are many; however, in most cases, the resources available to help them to meet those obligations are few. Procurement Services is committed to working with the research community towards a common goal of satisfying grant objectives while maximizing the benefit received and minimizing the expenditure of time and effort. To ensure that the obligations to the granting agency are fulfilled, Procurement Services can help achieve an alignment of sound procurement practices with grant requirements by having in place a collaborative grant administration process contributing toward an institutional program of compliance.

The assistance of Procurement Services in meeting grant-related compliance obligations means that Primary Investigators have more time to devote to core research-related activities rather than procurement-related functions. This gives Investigators the ability to move forward with their research knowing that they are doing so in full compliance with the standards set forth by those to whom they are accountable.