Egencia FAQs
Can I use a Declining Balance Card to purchase a ticket via Egencia? [Expand]
Yes! (You must first register with Egencia and build your profile.)
Does Egencia abide by the Fly American Act? [Expand]
Is it true that UD employees can use Egencia for personal travel as well? [Expand]
Yes. Both UD employees and their immediate families (spouses, children) are eligible for the special pricing on the Egencia website. For more information, please see the EGENCIA How-to Instructions for Personal Travel.
I have signed on to Egencia and have created my profile. I am now planning a trip on which my spouse and child will be accompanying me. How do I go about booking their travel in addition to my own? [Expand]
To book travel for immediate family members (spouse, children), you, the UD employee, must be registered on Egencia and must have created a profile for yourself. This profile must list you as an "arranger." Using the link from your 'Welcome to Egencia' email, you can then register for each of your family members and create individual profiles for them. Within each of the profiles, designate yourself as the travel arranger. Once you have created a profile for each of your family members, sign back on to your own Egencia account. Your family members' names will appear below yours. Use the 'SELECT TRAVELERS' option to produce a list of individuals for whom you can purchase tickets. For more detailed instructions, we recommend you watch the Egencia training videos (see Egencia website on the Travel Center tab) or review the EGENCIA How-to Instructions for Personal Travel document.
Can I give the Egencia link to one of my colleagues at another institution so that they can get the discount, too? [Expand]
No. Only UD employees and their immediate family members are eligible to receive the discount.
How do I get a copy of the Egencia Quick Guide for Travelers? [Expand]
All training documents are available on the Procurement website. If necessary, you can print additional copies, though we encourage everyone to conserve paper by viewing the documents online.
What is a "Guest Account" and how do I know if I need one? [Expand]
Guest accounts are used to book travel for guests of the University (i.e. not to book travel for UD employees themselves) when UD is paying the travel expenses. Departments who recruit on behalf of the University would use guest accounts as would those booking travel for guest speakers and/or lecturers. These 'guests of the University' are not eligible for Egencia accounts through UD; therefore, guest accounts are necessary in order to arrange travel for these individuals.
I received an email from Egencia, informing me that the airline has changed my itinerary. They want me to contact Egencia Customer Service. Will I be charged a fee for this? [Expand]
No, there is no fee when the call is in response to an Egencia-generated request due to an airline-initiated itinerary change.
How can I avoid getting stuck in the middle seat when booking through Egencia? [Expand]
  1. Be sure to include your seating preferences in your Egencia profile.
  2. Take advantage of the "Better Seat Search" feature; Egencia may be able to find you a better seat.
  3. Airlines restrict seat availability until 24-48 hours prior to departure. You may be able to change your assignment if you revisit Seat Pinpointer™ during that timeframe.
  4. If your frequent flyer status entitles you to preferred seating, make sure you specify the correct frequent flyer tier in the Travel Preferences section of your Egencia profile. For example, select Delta Gold Medallion rather than Delta SkyMiles from the drop down menu. Otherwise the preferred seating options will not be shown as available to you.
  5. You can also look at SeatGuru™ content in the seat map view to see reviews of a particular seat from fellow travelers.
I used the Egencia Seat Pinpointer™ but didn't receive the seat I selected. What happened? [Expand]
You are looking at up-to-date availability info when using the Seat Pinpointer™ however, there is the possibility that someone else may request the same seat simultaneously. Please use your confirmation email to review your final seat assignment.
When will I be charged for using Egencia Customer Service agents and when will I not be charged? [Expand]
Egencia charges service fees when the customer service agents actually purchase travel for you for airline and rail tickets. You will be charged only for purchases the agents make on your behalf, not for seeking advice on reservations, bookings, or asking other questions. When an airline makes a change in your itinerary and you are required to contact Egencia at their request, you will not be charged Egencia service fees for making those changes using the Egencia customer service agent. Fees are also not charged for hotel reservations or car rentals.
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