World Travel FAQ


Can I book travel on behalf of another UD employee? [Expand]

Yes. You will need to be set up as an Arranger and Delegate in the traveler's profile. The setup process is required only one time. Instructions can be found on the Procurement website under Concur Training. In particular, see Getting Started – Acting as a Delegate. Before you reserve and/or actually book the travel, be sure to complete a Request and receive approval. Do not attempt to reserve or book travel until the Request has been approved* by your immediate Supervisor and the Cost Object Approver.
(* Staff Requests require approval)

When booking as an Arranger, to which credit card will the travel purchase(s) be charged? [Expand]

As an Arranger, you will be "acting as" your traveler. Your traveler's UD credit card should be the card listed in his/her profile, and that is the card to which the travel purchase(s) will be charged. If you are acting as a travel arranger and you have a UD credit card but the traveler does not, the booking should be completed through World Travel directly using the traveler's personal credit card.

Cancellations and Unused Tickets:

* Note: Cancellations must be done through an agent. A credit from cancelled ticket will be applied to a new ticket, but the traveler will have to pay the $30 agent fee when a new ticket is issued.

If one of our travelers books through Concur/World Travel, cancels the trip, and later wants to use the unused ticket, what fees will be applied or deducted from the credit they hold? [Expand]

Unused ticket fees typically involve a $200 exchange fee; however, this amount could be higher/lower depending on the ticket. $200 is usually a safe bet. In addition, there would be a service fee issued by World Travel for the new ticket.

Does the 30, 60, 90 day email notification on an unused ticket go directly to the traveler as well as to their designated travel arranger? [Expand]

Yes. The 30, 60, 90 unused tickets notification will be sent to both the traveler and the travel arranger.

Changed or Delayed Flights (Using the Mobile App):

If my airline has notified me of a delay or a cancellation, can I make the change using the Concur/World Travel app? [Expand]

No. The app does not allow you to change or rebook a flight. In general, travel agents or the airlines are the only ones who can change flights due to delays and cancellations since they have the ability to waive penalties or additional cost(s). The app isn't able to calculate the waived fees/charges like the airline or agents can.


If a traveler calls World Travel and has an agent book their flight, hotel, and car rental, does the $30 agent fee cover everything (the entire itinerary) or just the air? [Expand]

As long as they book everything at the same time they can book air/car/hotel or any combo with air for one service fee of $30. If they book more than one airline ticket, there is a $30 fee for each ticket. As long as there is airfare on the reservation, there is no additional fee for hotel and car bookings.

If UD faculty/staff want to book their personal travel (vacation or non-UD business) through World Travel, is the agent fee of $30 per ticket the same as if they were booking business with an agent? [Expand]

World Travel will honor the $30 agent fee. There is a maximum of $70.00 per reservation. The World Travel normal booking fee for leisure travel is $35/per ticket for up to 8 passengers booked on the same reservation (maximum fee: $70.00).

When we are notified by World Travel that the Concur system is down and online booking is not available, will our travelers be charged the $30 fee if agent assisted? [Expand]

If you book with a World Travel agent as a result of Concur being down, you will incure the $8 online fee as opposed to the $30 call and book fee.

Hotel Bookings:

Can one person book multiple hotel rooms (online) for others using their UD credit card? [Expand]

No, because a request is required by each traveler. Depending on the number of rooms, it might be easier for the traveler to call an agent.

Personal Credit Cards:

I don't have a UD credit card; can I book my travel with my personal credit card? [Expand]
Yes, A UD credit card is preferred; however, if you don't have one and you must book with your personal card, you should do so by calling World Travel directly and upon your return from your trip, submit for reimbursement through Concur.
Can I book travel for my spouse at the same time as I book my UD business travel? [Expand]

Yes, a UD employee is able to book a spouse at the same time as they book their own ticket. When booking a ticket for your spouse, you must go through a World Travel agent. If you want to make sure you are seated together, book through World Travel and they can split out the tickets, placing your ticket on your UD Credit Card and your spouse's ticket on a personal credit card.


Is Amtrak the preferred rail supplier? [Expand]

Yes, Amtrak is a preferred supplier. However, since there is no benefit of negotiated rates for Amtrak like there is with airfare, hotels, etc., it is recommended UD travelers book directly through the Amtrak site and not through Concur/World Travel.

Southwest Airlines:

When booking via World Travel, will Southwest Airlines appear in the search results along with all the other airlines? [Expand]

Yes. There are no special requirements to book Southwest. Travelers will be able to book with Southwest the same way as any other airline.


What is TripIt? [Expand]

TripIt is an organizing app that will keep your itineraries all together, in one place. Simply forward your flight, hotel, or other travel confirmation emails to and TripIt will instantly create a master itinerary for each of your trips that you can can access anytime, anywhere.