Travel & Expense Management

Rollout 2019



The University of Delaware will launch a new Travel & Expense Management program to all University employees in 2019. The Concur Travel & Expense system will combine and streamline business and travel purchases including UD Credit Card transactions. Employees will be able to book their trips directly with our travel partner without ever leaving Concur.


Integrate and automate with Concur and World Travel


Single Sign-On Access

Log into Concur using your UD credentials; no need for additional username and password.

Online Booking Tool

Concur's self-service tool provides instant access to flights, lodging, and vehicle rentals.

Assisted Booking

UD's dedicated team of World Travel agents is available 24 hours a day to assist with complex booking and group travel.

Easy Expense Reports

Less Typing

Your trip request itineraries, electronic receipts and UD Credit Card transactions automatically begin to build your expense reports.

  Fewer Manual Calculations

Conversion rates, business mileage, and per diem allowances are automatically calculated and incorporated into your expense report.

Finishing your report

Simply drag and drop imported card charges and receipts onto an expense report in Concur. Add out-of-pocket charges or make changes before submitting your expense report.

Effortless Travel


Concur has established relationships with leading hotel chains, rideshare services, and other related vendors, allowing the traveler to link accounts and apps.

Concur Mobile Apps

Easily capture images of receipts, view trip details, or add expenses on the go.

Mobile Travel Alerts

Access to travel alerts and updates from your mobile device.


Have a look around Concur Travel & Expense.

Concur is a fully integrated travel booking
and expense management system


Leverage Technology

Personalize Your Experience


The University has selected World Travel as UD's contracted Travel Management Company (TMC). Features of World Travel include:
  • World Travel is Concur compatible, which allows customers the maximum convenience and cost saving benefits that Concur has to offer.
  • World Travel provides 24-hour live travel agent support (including holidays and weekends).
  • World Travel offers services that are specific to higher-ed such as group travel and remote international travel.

Looking for More?

We invite you to visit the Concur Updates Page for videos, how-to guides, project updates, and other information. Prior to launch date, please continue to use the Procurement website for day-to-day information regarding travel. If you have questions regarding Concur, please contact Procurement Services at 831-2161 or via email at