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What is UD Exchange?

UD Exchange, powered by JAGGAER, is an end to end solution for eProcurement. You may hear the solution referred to as Source to Settle, Procure to Pay, or Req to Check. It helps everyone purchasing on behalf of the University adhere to procurement policy since it centralizes sourcing events such as RFPs, as well as Suppliers, Contracts, Purchasing, and Payments.

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How does it work?

Every UD employee is, by default, a Shopper in the system, and can create a cart with items for purchase.
A Requester submits the cart for approval as a requisition.
Approvers review the requisition. Every requisition requires approval by the Cost Object Approver (purpose code owner). Other approvals may be required based on dollar amount, funding source, and commodity.
Department Purchasing Specialists are the department's procurement experts. They review requisitions for compliance with procurement policy and serve as the "named others" on the Table of Authority. They are also responsible for requesting changes to user roles and workflow.

When will I start using it?

UD Exchange went live in summer 2020 with pilot users. Throughout the spring 2021 semester, Procurement Services staff will be communicating with department and college business leadership to coordinate the UD Exchange launch as follows:

  • First, a kickoff meeting is scheduled with department business leadership to explain UD Exchange roles and workflow. At the conclusion we send a template for the department to complete and return with roles and workflow assigned.
  • Procurement staff uses the completed template to configure the UD Exchange Test environment. The department notifies users of their role(s) and provides them with a deadline for completing the UD Exchange training courses in ConnectingU.
  • Users have access to the UD Exchange test environment to complete practice exercises as needed.
  • Procurement then hosts the department's Requesters and Department Purchasing Specialists via Zoom to answer any department-specific questions.
  • Finally, Go Live: Procurement confirms that all roles and workflow setup is complete in the UD Exchange Production site and the department transitions procurement activity from webforms to UD Exchange.

Why are we using this?

In addition to the efficiencies to be gained by centralizing purchasing activity, UD Exchange is designed to relieve frustrations experienced by users and suppliers with the current processes. Below are some lighthearted depictions of those pain points as demonstrated by members of the UD Exchange rollout team. Enjoy!

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