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The data below reflects your current federal and state tax withholding status, direct deposit information, and Non-Resident Alien information (if applicable). 
Employee ID: 11111 Name: Doe,Jane E Suffix: Date: 01/22/2003

Withholding Tax Status

  Marital Tax Status:  Married (M) Special Tax Status:  None (N)
  No. of Allowances:  1 Addl. Withholding Per Pay Amount:  $0.00
  Marital Tax Status:  Married, joint return (M) Delaware Tax Status:  Non-Resident
  No. of Allowances:  0 Special Tax Status:  None (N)
  Addl. Withholding Per Pay Amount:  $0.00
  Marital Tax Status:  *n/a* Maryland Tax Status:  *n/a*
  No. of Allowances:  *n/a* Special Tax Status:  *n/a*
  Addl. Withholding Per Pay Amount:  *n/a*


FICA Status:  Subject (N) Wilmington City Wage Tax:  N/A

Direct Deposit Information

Bank Name Account No. Account Type % Net Pay or
$ Amount
Any Bank USA 11111 Savings (S) NET 100

Non-Resident Alien Additional Information

Citizenship Status:  US Citizen (1) Country:  *n/a*
US Entry Date:  *n/a* EAD Expiration Date:
Visa Type:

Form(s) Received:    Date in Effect: 

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