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The data below reflects information about an individual employee's job. This data is for use by HR Liaisons and departmental administrators in managing employee data. 
Employee ID:  11111 Name: Doe,Jane E Suffix: Date: 08/14/2002
Effective Date:
Job/Employment Data
Action Date: 07/15/2002 Action: Data Chg (DTA)
Position No.: 10001591 Position Entry Date:  08/14/2000
Reason: Miscellaneous (DTA) Employee Status:  Active (A)
Classified Ind.: Classified (C) Last Check Date: 08/15/2002
Primary Job: Administrative Assistant (400500) Primary Department: HR Systems Administration (00635)
Job 2: *none* Department 2: *none*
Job 3: *none* Department 3: *none*
Room: 00268 Location: 413 Academy Street (NE08)
HR Liaison: Bloch,Anna M (332) Supervisor: Bloch,Anna M (629)
Reports to Position: *n/a* Check Delivery: HR Systems Administration (0610)
Full/Part-time: F Standard Hours: 37.50
FTE: 1.00 Salary Admin. Plan: Salaried Staff, F/T 37.5 (230)
EE Type: Salaried (S) Pay Group: Semimonthly Regular (SRG)
Salary Grade: 07 FICA Status: Subject (N)
Compensation Frequency: Semimnthly (S) Compensation Rate: 1,075.00
Hourly Rate: 13.23 FT Annual Rate: 25,800.00
Tenure Status: *n/a*  Tenure Status Date: *n/a*
Contract Begin Date: *n/a* Contract End Date: *n/a*
Contract Type: *n/a* Contract Terms: *n/a*
Contract Type: *n/a* Contract Terms: *n/a*
Contract Period: 0.0 Hire Date: 01/31/1994
Rehire Date: Termination Date:
Leave Date: Expected Leave Return Date:
Earning Distribution
Funding End Date: 06/30/2003 
Account Code: 01-3-74-0635-00-230-401  Amount: $1,075.00  Std Hours: Earn Code: REG 

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