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This information is for use by HR Liaisons and departmental administrators in maintaining and updating employee information.

Select an employee by clicking in the circle next to the Empl ID, for the employee for wish to view. Next, click on the view you wish to display found at the bottom of the screen. To restart at a new Employee ID, enter the requested ID in the box next to Restart at Employee ID and press Submit. The Rest button will rest the screen.

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Empl ID
Empl Name
Dept ID
Dept Name
11111Doe,Jane E 00635HR Systems AdminstrationA
11112Costello,Robert Daniel02574Political Sci & Int RelationsT
11113Harrington,Matthew J02501Arts & ScienceA
11114Dziedzic,Sara E02539Winterthur ProgramA
11115Lutz,Stephanie 02522Chemistry & BiochemistryA
11116Merriam,Marnie 01401Internat Progs & Spec SessionsT
11117Cohen,Jessica S05100(D)Food ServiceA
11118Gopinath,C 02710Business AdministrationT
11119Loughlin,Kerri M03350Consumer StudiesA
11121McCormack,Patrick W05101Dining ServicesA
11122Riou-Chen,Sophie A03106Materials ScienceT
11123Davidson,Jeffrey L02580SociologyA
11124Garrison,J Ritchie02558Museum StudiesA
11125Cordoba,Elizabeth R02550Foreign Lang & LiteraturesT
11126Kendra,James 02581Disaster Research CenterA
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