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Department ID/Employee Browse
This information is for use by HR Liaisons and departmental adminsitrators in maintaining and updating employee information.

Select an employee by clicking in the circle next to the Empl ID, for the employee for wish to view. Next, click on the view you wish to display found at the bottom of the screen. To restart at a new Employee ID, enter the requested ID in the box next to Restart at Employee ID and press Submit. The Rest button will rest the screen.

Click More to scroll down through the list.

Dept ID
Dept Name
Empl Name
Empl ID
00635HR Systems AdministrationDoe,Jane E11111A
00635HR Systems AdministrationDresher,Kathryn L49449A
00635HR Systems AdministrationEscobar,Anndria M49820A
00635HR Systems AdministrationFields,Deborah L10114A
00635HR Systems AdministrationFreed,Nathan49308A
00635HR Systems AdministrationFreilich,Lauren46860A
00635HR Systems AdministrationHagen,Francis J23317T
00635HR Systems AdministrationHall,Lois V31572A
00635HR Systems AdministrationHazel,Donna47786A
00635HR Systems AdministrationHibberd,Patricia B15101T
00635HR Systems AdministrationHobdell,Lindsay B21823T
00635HR Systems AdministrationHoldren,Jason46235A
00635HR Systems AdministrationImpellitteri,Julie A11298T
00635HR Systems AdministrationIngman,Karin L35771T
00635HR Systems AdministrationJennings,Rebecca E47768A
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