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This information is for use by HR Liaisons and departmental adminstrators in maintaining and updating employee information.

Dept ID
Dept Name
00100Board Trustees Tree Node OnlyA
00101Office of the PresidentA
0010247 Kent WayA
00105Univ Secretary OfficeA
00107Diversity,Off Of Racl & CultrlA
00110(D)Instit Resrch & Strat PlanI
00111Southern DelawareA
00130Office of University SecretaryA
00131Univ Sec Dept Tree Node OnlyA
00132Salzburg SeminarA
00160Office of Executive Vice PresiA
00161AscVP Adm Svc DeptTreeNde OnlyA
00162Assoc VP Admin Services OfcA
00164Admin Serv-Financial & Info SeA
00165Affirmative ActionA
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