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Employee Demographic Data View
This information is for use by HR Liaisons and departmental adminstrators in maintaining and updating employee information.

Employee ID: 11111 Effective Date: 01/31/1994

Demographic Data
Name: Doe,Jane E Suffix:
SSN: 111-22-3333 Gender: Female
Permanent Address:
123 Main Street
Newark, DE
19711 USA
Mailing/Local Address:
Home Phone: 302/731-XXXX Preferred Email: JDOE@UDEL.EDU
Work Phone: 302/831-8677 Campus Directory Preference: Listed (2)

Work Eligibility
I-9: Yes (Y) I-9 Date: 04/06/1999
Working Papers: No (N) Working Papers Date: *none*
Direct Deposit: Yes (Y) Direct Deposit Date: 01/31/1994

Citizenship Data
Status: US Citizen (1) Country: *n/a*
Visa Type: Visa Status:
Status Date: Expiration Date:

Miscellaneous Employee Data
American Express Date: *none*
Purchasing Card Date: PI1 09/21/2001
Calling Card Date: *none*
Fleet Card Date: *none*
Date of Birth: 05/07/1964 Ethnicity: Caucasian (1)
Military Status: No Mil Svc (2) Marital Status: Married (M)
Disabled: None (N)

Education and Achievements
Highest Education Level: Some Coll. (D)
Degree: *none*  
Language: *none*  
License/Certificate: *none*  
Honor/Award: *none*  
Membership Organization: *none*  

Emergency Contact Data
Name: Doe,John Q  Relationship: Spouse
123 Main Street
Newark, DE
19711 USA
Phone: 302/998-XXXX

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