Processing Aids: Funding Change

The JED action of Earnings Distribution should be used when one or more of an individual's funding line account code is changing, or if the distribution of actual dollars is changing among the codes. Earnings Distribution should be used if the funding date is being extended. Also, if the employee's Earnings Code is changing. If an increase or decrease in actual dollars is being made, then earnings distribution should NOT be used.

Funding changes may either be 'Permanent' or 'Temporary.'

Permanent vs Temporary

When to use permanent funding change: Use this reason when the department does not expect the employee's funding to go back to the current funding, (i.e. grant code change to new grant year. This would create a permanent funding change for the employee.)

When to use temporary funding change: Use the Temporary Funding change when the department expects the employee's funding to change for a specific perod of time, but to go back to the current funding after this specific period of time, (i.e., faculty member has release time for the Fall semester, but will return to regular source of fund for the Spring semester.)