Request for Off Cycle Pay Check Instructions

  1. Secure permission from a Payroll & Systems Administrator before sending the Request for Off Cycle Pay Check form. E-mail, including "Off Cycle Pay Check" in the subject line.
  2. Prepare the Request for Off Cycle Pay Check form.
    • Name: Last name, First Name, Middle Initial
    • Employee ID Number
    • Department: requesting department
    • Pay Group
    • Special Delivery Instructions: Please include where to send the check (department and campus address) or a person’s name if someone will pick up the check. Any Public Safety deliveries will be charged to the requesting department.
    • Purpose of Payment: Description – Pay for work already performed for period (give dates). Show calculation of total amount to be paid: i.e., 20 hours x $6.00 = $120.00 or annual rate divided by 24 pays
    • Account Code
    • Amount
    • Earnings Code
    • Gross Amount
    • Req ID (JED, S Contract, GNCP or TRF that has the pay information regarding the Off Cycle payment request)
    • Backup must be attached.
    • Signatures: the originator must sign and include their extension, and an Account Administrator must sign in the designated box.
  3. Deliver the Request for Off Cycle Pay Check to the Payroll & Records Management, 413 Academy Street, Room 268.

If you need any additional help, please contact Payroll & Records Management at 302-831-8677

Request for Off Cycle Pay Check