Amended Time Sheet Request Form

Amended time sheets are used for several different situations:

  • They are used to pay hourly employees for work performed, but not paid, in a previous pay period. This could have been the result of the timesheet not being approved, or a single time slice that had a red exception that was overlooked.
  • They are used to increase an hourly rate of pay that was incorrectly paid in a previous pay cycle.
  • They are NOT used to decrease an hourly rate of pay that was paid in a previous pay cycle. This situation is an overpayment, and should be handled as such.

Once the form is submitted, you will receive an email notification that the form has been received by Payroll.

Payroll will re-open that pay period (so that it can be edited, saved and approved), then we notify the requestor via email that the timesheet has been re-opened.

The time keeper or supervisor can go into the timesheet to make edits for an employee.Once the edits have been completed, the timesheet needs to be saved and approved. Once all of these steps have been completed, we ask that you notify Payroll via email (preferably same email trail) that your process is complete.

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