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Products & Services: Finishing

  • Binding
    Consider the following criteria before determining your binding style:
    • how durable does your piece need to be?
    • does your piece need to lay flat?
    • are frequent revisions likely?
    Your binding options include:
    • ring binding
    • comb or coil binding
    • thermal binding
    • stitched (saddle, side-stitched, or side-stapled)
    • perfect binding
    • case
    TIP: lay out your margins bearing in mind your binding style.
  • Folding, Scoring, and Trimming
    The experience of a printed piece can be transformed by simple techniques. Imagine your information literally unfolding in your customer's hands.

    Folding options:
    • accordion
    • c-fold (tri-fold, common brochure fold)
    • double gatefold (common in center spreads)
    • double parallel folds
      TIP: allow for proper nesting by making the inside panels smaller than the outside panels according to your paper weight.
    • french fold (cross folds)
    • spiral fold
    Scoring and Trimming options:
    • Die cut?
    • Perforation
    • etc.
    TIP: use center marks to indicate where to fold or score, crop marks for where to trim
  • Foil/Embossing
    Select from foil stamping, embossing, debossing, or combine techniques for foil embossing.


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