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Copyright Clearance Procedures for coursepacks sold through bookstores

  1. University Printing is responsible for obtaining copyright clearance on all coursepacks it reproduces.
  2. The copyright procedure is begun after coursepacks are received and the job is logged in. Using the bibliography or originals, an order is created with Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) on the Web. CCC requires school name, professor name, course name, course number, start date of course, and number of copies to be made. Each article is then entered using the information provided by the faculty member or department including title of book, publisher, copyright date, ISBN number (if available) and page numbers. If an article is part of an anthology, information may be needed regarding original work.
  3. Periodically, the CCC website is checked for updates on the submitted coursepacks. The faculty member or department is notified of any problems. Once all articles have been cleared and/or when the deadline is approaching and articles have not been cleared, the faculty member or department is contacted so that they can make a decision about dropping any articles that are too expensive or that have not cleared. The faculty member or department can make the decision to print what has been cleared and opt to print another packet with the remainder articles once they have been cleared.
  4. All copyright fees/royalities must run through University Printing. Copyright royalties are itemized on the vendor invoice to distinguish from copying charges.

Copyright Clearance Procedures for coursepacks/materials distributed in class:

  1. University Printing is responsible for obtaining copyright clearance on materials it reproduces for a faculty member or department that is distributed in class as a handout (at no charge to students) and is not included on the Textbook Adoption form. If so, the job is logged in and the information is entered into the CCC Web site as stated above.
  2. If University Printing receives materials for copying that a faculty member or department may not recognize as requiring copyright clearance but that University Printing has determined requires copyright clearance. The faculty member or department who submitted the material is then contacted and asked whether they would like University Printing to have the copyrights cleared for them or if they would like the materials returned to them for clearance.
  3. All copyright fees/royalties must run through University Printing. After articles have been cleared and printed, copyright/royalties are added to the per packet cost charged to the retailers.

Closing Procedure for University Printing

Ninety (90) days from the first day of the month that classes begin [e.g., ninety (90) days from August 1 if classes begin on August 29] all orders will be closed and invoiced. Before that date University Printing will have to update any quantities for reorders or orders sent to vendors, reduce any quantities due to returns, and make certain any materials that were not printed are canceled.


updated June 2011