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December 11, 2000

Nicole Vadino

Using Technology to Match Learning Styles

Nicole Vadino, a Ph.D. candidate in sociology and criminal justice, uses a variety of technologies to teach the 125 students in her section of “Introduction to Sociology.” “Using computers doesn’t change the teaching goals,” she said, “the technology just helps a teacher have more tools to match the different learning styles of her students.” Vadino uses e-mail, the web, PowerPoint and other technologies to help her implement what she’s learned at ITUE workshops.

She displays PowerPoint slides of her main teaching points, makes up in-class games like “Sociological Jeopardy” and directs students to web links. “I am always trying to do something to spark their interest,” she said. Vadino said that, although her PowerPoint slides and quiz answers are posted on the web, she has over 95 percent attendance at every class meeting. “It’s not the technology itself that is valuable; its value is as a vehicle for me to help my students learn,” she said.

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"Using computers doesn’t change the teaching goals... The technology just helps a teacher have more tools..."

—Nicole Vadino