Health Nutrition and Exercise Sciences
Macromedia Director
Joyce Perry
December 11, 2000

Joyce Perry

Using Presentations to Communicate

Joyce Perry, of the department formerly known as Health and Exercise Sciences, has used computer technology for presentations for several years. “Today’s students grew up with MTV, images and high-tech animations. It’s important to view the in-class presentation as a way of sparking discussion, not just of broadcasting your notes,” she said. Perry said she believes the influence of computers and television has increased the number of students who are visual learners.

“So, in-class, multimedia presentations allow an instructor to communicate more effectively with students with more than one learning style,” she said. And, once a lesson has been converted into a multimedia presentation, it’s relatively easy to update.

“The technology allows me to bring in new examples and discussion topics every semester, while I retain the basics. By making the material current, we can make a class more relevant to the students.” In the classes she teaches to future teachers, one point she emphasizes is that the technology is a vehicle.

“I love the technology,” Perry said, “but, you have to start with what you want to teach and what you want your students to learn.” “Don’t let the technology lead where you go. Use it—don’t be directed by it.”

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"You have to start with what you want to teach and what you want your students to learn."

—Joyce Perry