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Much as we hate to admit it, many people are not admitted to law school. If, for some reason, you do not get into any of the law schools to which you have applied, do not despair. Try to discern the reason(s) why you were rejected, i.e. your schools were unrealistic for the academic qualifications you possess, you applied too late, etc. Take some time and see if law school is really what you want to do. If it is, think about whether you can do anything during the coming year which will better your admission chances for the following year. Generally, graduate work does not count for very much in law school admission as they will remain primarily interested in your undergraduate record. Graduate work will probably help, however, if you have a very poor academic record since this is the only way to improve it. If you do not feel that additional academic work will improve your chances, find something else to do for the year and start applying to law schools again. This time, you should probably set your sights a little lower, concentrating on getting into a law school instead of concentrating on getting into one of the most competitive. If you are accepted to a law school, you may be successful in transferring after your first year to one which you consider to be "better". Be forewarned that you must have had an excellent first year of law school in order to transfer successfully.

If you decide that law school is not what you wanted anyway, take a look around at what else is available in employment or educational opportunities and try to find something you will really enjoy.

In either case, you have many options from which to choose in deciding about your future. Do not concern yourself unduly about the failure of this one option. Refer to people who can help you explore other fields, look around for yourself at what is available, and be optimistic that you will find your place in life.

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