Workshop on

Long Distance Reflexives

LSA Linguistic Institute

Cornell University

July 5-6, 1997

Goldwin Smith Kaufman Auditorium

Organizers: Peter Cole, Gabriella Hermon and James Huang


A two-day workshop was held on long distance reflexives (reflexives whose antecedents appear to be non-local). Topics included the connection between morphology and long distance reflexives (e.g. monomorphemic versus polymorphemic forms), subject orientation, blocking effects caused by change in person, blocking effects caused by clause type and the role of logophoricity. Empirical studies (presenting novel data and/or descriptions of previously undescribed systems of long distance reflexives), papers on theoretical problems and acquisition studies were among the topics for presentation.

Participants included both invited speakers and authors of papers chosen on the basis of abstracts. We are now exploring the possibility of publishing a volume which will include selected talks given at the workshop, and will post information on publication later. Unfortunately, the workshop was not be able to provide any funding for the travel expenses of participants, but participation was excellent (ca. 75 participants at most sessions).

The workshop was open to the public. There was a small registration fee ($10) for individuals not registered at the LSA Institute to cover part of the cost of the workshop.

This workshop has been organized under the auspices of the NSF sponsored research project "Long Distance Reflexives", Peter Cole (University of Delaware), Gabriella Hermon (University of Delaware) and C.-T. James Huang (UC Irvine), PIs.