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Upcoming Workshops and Conferences

What's Your Problem? Creating Great Problems for the PBL Classroom
hosted by University of Delaware, [NEW!] listing

Various dates for PBL workshops: Programme for Faculty Development, McMaster University

Recent Conference

PBL2010: Problem-Based Learning and Active Learning Methodogogies: Connecting people, ideas, and communities
hosted by Universidate de São Paulo, Brazil


Interdisciplinary Journal of Problem-based Learning (IJPBL)

Primarily Undergraduate

    CASES Online, a collection of PBL lessons to engage K-12 and undergraduate students at Center for Science Education, Emory University

    Physics Innovations Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning at U. Leicester
    IST Learning Initiatives at Penn State (Problem-Based Learning)
    Centre for Excellence in Enquiry-Based Learning at U. Manchester
    Center for Educational Development at Republic Polytechnic
    Problem-Based Learning at The Australian Correspondence Schools
    Problem-Based Learning Web Portal at Central Queensland U.
    PBLE: Project-Based Learning in Engineering
The PBLE Guide: Educating Engineers using Projects
    PBL Directory at Univ. of Brighton
    Centre for Problem-Based Learning at Aalborg U.
    PBL Faculty Institute at U. California, Irvine
    Distributed Course Delivery for PBL
from EdWeb at San Diego State Univ. (see The Learning Tree)
    Case Study Teaching in Science
Clyde Herreid and Nancy Shiller, SUNY Buffalo
    PBL at the Maricopa Center for Learning and Instruction
    P5BL at the Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Stanford
    Project-Based Instruction in Mathematics for the Liberal Arts
M. B. Ulmer at U. South Carolina, Spartanburg
    Problem Writing Casebook
P. K. Rangacari in Health Sciences at McMaster Univ.
    Pebbles Project
Preetha Ram at the Chemistry Department at Emory Univ.
    PBL Teacher Pages
from Exploring the Environment / Classroom of the Future at Wheeling Jesuit Univ.
    The Samford PBL Initiative at Samford Univ.
PBL Course Porfolios
    An Integrative Curriculum Approach to Mathematics and the Health Professions Using PBL at Allegany College of Maryland
    PBL in the Core Curriculum at Southern Illinois Univ.
    PBL Initiatives at Coventry Univ.
    Project on the Effectiveness of PBL at Middlesex Univ.
    Lausnaleitarnám PBL Upplýsingavefur (Iceland)

Medical and Professional Schools

    PBL at the Faculty of Health Sciences at McMaster Univ.
Programme for Faculty Development
    PBL at U. Maastricht
    PBL in the School of Medicine at Queen's Univ.
    PBL Initiative at the Southern Illinois Univ. School of Medicine
    PBL Curriculum at the College of Veterinary Science of Mississippi St. Univ.
    PBL at the School of Pharmacy at U. Mississippi
Journal of Clinical Problem-Based Learning
    Bio-Science Medical PBL at the School of Medicine at U. Nevada, Reno

    PBL in Law at the UK Centre for Legal Learning at U. Warwick


    Make It Happen (supports PBL in offering students, teachers, and parents resources to help them be successful at doing projects)

    Buck Institute for Education (non-profit, research and development organization dedicated to improving the practice of teaching and the process of learning, in particular PBL)

    PBL and Teacher Training at Augusta State Univ.

    USC California Science Project

    Center for the Advancement and Renewal of Learning and Teaching in Mathematics, Science, and Technology at the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy
The Problem Log, research articles on PBL
Mailing Lists
    UD-PBL-Undergrad: Mailing list for PBL in Undergraduate Education

    PBL@jiscmail.ac.uk: Mailing list for PBL

    PBL-LIST and PBL at Monash
        Problem Solving Strategy at The Learning Center
Roger Hadgraft, Civil Engineering at Monash Univ.

    Problem-Based Learning: How to Gain the Most from PBL
by Donald Woods, McMaster Univ., available online in its entirety.

    The Aalborg Experiment at Aalborg U.

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