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Learning So Everyone Teaches: April 7-8, 2006
Pre-conference Sessions: April 6, 2006

Problem-Based Learning: A Student-Centered Approach for Engagement (for those new to PBL)
Deborah Allen, George Watson, and Hal White, University of Delaware

The fundamental tenet of problem-based instruction (PBL) is that learning is initiated by a posed problem that the student wants to solve. In the PBL approach, complex, real-world problems motivate students to identify and research concepts and principles they need to understand to progress from ideas to solutions. Students work in small groups to acquire, communicate, and integrate information in a process that resembles that of inquiry. We will demonstrate PBL and model ways that it can be used effectively for student engagement.

PowerPoint presentation
Problem statement for 'Experience It Yourself'
Rubric for PBL problem evaluation

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